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Edgar Cayce's Original Couch


In the A.R.E. Library is the original couch used by Edgar Cayce when he gave readings. The couch has been re-covered, but underneath is the original tag indicating it was from the 1909 Sears and Roebuck Catalog. 

  • Cayce would normally give two readings per day, one in mid-morning and another mid-afternoon. In the early 1940s, as requests for help flooded in, Mr. Cayce went against the advice of the readings and allowed himself to give more than twice as many readings as was recommended. 
  • When giving a reading, he would remove his suit coat and shoes, loosen his tie, and pray. 
  • He would then lie down on the couch and place his hands over his forehead and enter into a meditative state. He waited until he saw a white light, which was his signal to proceed. If he did not see the white light, no information came from him that day.
  • Once Cayce saw the white light, he placed his hands over his solar plexus, and entered into an altered state. His breathing changed and this state of relaxation and meditation enabled him to place his mind in contact with all time and space.
  • Gladys Davis, his secretary and stenographer of the readings, sat nearby with her steno pad and prepared to write down everything that was said.
  • The conductor, most often his wife Gertrude, would watch for his eyes to flutter at which point a specific suggestion requesting the desired information would be read. If this was not done at the proper time, Cayce would fall into a deep sleep that could last for several hours!
  • Cayce spoke in his own voice and referred to the person as if the individual were in the same room, even though Cayce was usually in Virginia Beach and the patient could be a thousand or more miles away.
  • If you would like to hear Edgar’s voice giving an actual reading, ask at the Lobby Desk or visit our YouTube Channel at