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Gladys Davis Turner Porch


Spa and Cafe visitors can enjoy ocean-view dining or relaxing on the outer porch of the historic hospital building. The porch is dedicated to Gladys Davis Turner, who served as Edgar Cayce’s secretary from 1923 until his death in 1945, during which time she used her expert stenography skills to record the psychic readings as they were given. She would later type, compile, and categorize all of the readings and their supporting documents.

In addition to serving on A.R.E.’s staff and board, Gladys has long been recognized as the central guardian and historian of the Cayce legacy. Many credit Gladys with preserving the readings after Mr. Cayce’s death, and she remained an integral part of the Cayce work serving as Corporate Secretary until her death in 1986.

The porch is also dedicated to the central role that women – exemplified by Gladys Davis – have played in creating and perpetuating the A.R.E. and the Cayce Work, and you can read more about these women on the porch’s wall displays.