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Stone Labyrinth


Our stone labyrinth - built in commemoration of A.R.E.’s 75th anniversary in 2006, and located in front of the historic Cayce Hospital building - is an 11-circuit labyrinth, 40 feet in diameter, modeled after the labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral in France with the center element replaced by dolphins in a yin-yang formation.

Each element of the labyrinth has meaning:

Dolphins are connected with the power of breath and with emotional release.

The compass points highlight cardinal directions and hold to the following guideline:

  • North = wisdom and thought
  • East = salvation and spirit
  • South = beginnings and purity, and
  • West = conclusions and fullness

The Chinese Yin Yang symbol represents perfect balance.

Water is an extremely powerful element that has the potential to heal on many levels, particularly spiritually and emotionally.

The spiral motion of the labyrinth walk, with its right and left turns, relaxes our mind and causes our autonomic nervous system and the left and right hemispheres of the brain, to integrate and bring greater balance into our physical body and our entire being.

Try asking a question before walking the labyrinth, and you may find an answer within yourself when you reach its center.