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How To Volunteer

Every department at our Virginia Beach Campus accepts volunteers, and regions around the country are always looking for help! Contact your area's Region representative if you would like to volunteer where you live.

Each person interested in being an A.R.E. volunteer on the Virginia Beach campus is required to complete an application with the Volunteer Services Manager. We will then meet to review your application. 

Volunteers at A.R.E.During your volunteer application interview, we’ll discuss your interests, skills and abilities to determine which of the A.R.E.'s departments offers the best match of your skills, yet satisfies your interests and personal growth requirements.

It is recommended that you participate in our daily free activities that include a tour of our Visitor Center, the Edgar Cayce Legacy film, and an afternoon Survey Lecture. Learn about these activities under our Events tab and HQ Visitor Center activities.

We also encourage you to attend each of the following Survey Lecture topics: Dreams, Meditation, Reincarnation, Health, and ESP.

You may work in a particular department and/or placed in several departments as a way to keep your service fresh and enjoyable. We encourage our volunteers to determine the manner of service most suitable to their particular life-style. If placement isn’t immediate, emails will be sent as projects arise.

Volunteer positions are often, but not always, clerical in nature and dependent upon our staff’s ability to accommodate you within the scope of their own responsibilities, equipment availability, and possible training schedules.

Volunteers are also invited to become members of special Teams such as: The Glad Helpers, Congress Team, Volunteer Workroom, Volunteer Call Center, and Survey Lecture Program. New opportunities to serve open up every day. There are many one-time events that also need assistance.

We email opportunities as they come up to keep you abreast of the activities. Those who do not have an email can be placed on our call list.

For additional information, download our Volunteer Brochure (PDF).