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Volunteer Appreciation & Benefits

Hugh Lynn Cayce (1907-1982) was the eldest son of Edgar Cayce. He turned the A.R.E. into an organization of international renown and developed widespread recognition and acceptance of subjects such as psychical research, dream analysis, meditation, and spiritual development.

Years ago Hugh Lynn Cayce wrote this beautiful letter to our volunteers, expressing a timeless truth that is just as relevant today--view or download Hugh Lynn's, Volunteers Are Our Backbone (PDF).

Our volunteers earn benefits! Hours are based on a rolling year (last 12 months at any give time).

Bronze StarA Bronze Volunteer

96 Hours per Year at 8 Hours per Month
20% off AU Courses
20% off onsite bookstore
20% Spa Discount
Quarterly Volunteer Newsletter
Monthly training sessions
Organization Annual Holiday party
Invitation the Annual Recognition event

Silver StarA Silver Volunteer

144 Hours per Year at 12 Hours per Month
All the above plus
1 year complimentary membership
$10 practicums
1 free conference per year (on qualifying conferences)
50% discount on one additional conference

Gold StarA Gold Volunteer

192 Hours per Year at 16 Hours per Month
All of the above plus
A.R.E. Tour discount
Unlimited conference attendance (qualifying conferences)
50% discount on unlimited additional conferences

platinum StarA Platinum Volunteer

384 Hours per Year at 32 Hours per Month
All of the above plus
1 free conference of your choice
1 guest pass for a qualifying conference
$25 gift certificate for the onsite bookstore