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2016 Matching Gift Challenge Met!

Thanks to people like you who made donations at the end of 2016, we met our $100,000 match – and even went beyond!

Your support helps thousands of people each year who are seeking love, healing, wholeness, and acceptance. Please help change the world for the better. Make your 2017 donation today.

Maybe now is the time to consider joining the Good Karma Club—our monthly giving club that allows you to give a small amount each month. How does $20 sound to you? 


Here are just some of the folks your donations have helped.

"The A.R.E. has helped me live my life in a much more peaceful way. Without the readings I would have been lost. Thank you for keeping the work alive and the light shining."

– L.R., Edgewood, MD

"I’ve always found encouragement and comfort in the Edgar Cayce readings’ descriptions of why we should live a life of unconditional love. The readings have made it easier to forgive, to release, and to love my neighbor as myself."

– J.S., Scottsdale, AZ

"My health and soul are nourished by the readings."

– D.S., Sarasota, FL