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A.R.E. Member Testimonials


It is with enormous gratitude that I say "Thank You" for receiving the Hazel Zachar Scholarship and so generously allowing someone in my financial position to attend your conference(s). I am daily striving to balance my body, mind, and spirit, and this opportunity you have afforded me will not be forgotten.
—M.B., Suffolk, Va.

I attended the first A.R.E. Camp, when Camp was held at the beach. Those three summers built a foundation upon which I lived my life. My good health and my spiritual strength are the result. I am so grateful.
—S.C., Seymour, Ind.

A.R.E. has always felt like a beacon to me, of hope, of love, of light. The whole organization, including A.R.E. Camp, is a place where those who feel doubt or who just have expansive ideas of what is or what may be in life, can explore those ideas and set their own paths in a safe, loving manner free of criticism. May A.R.E., and especially Camp, continue to shine the light that others may see their way.
—V.D., Alexandria, Va.

Over the years, the A.R.E., the Edgar Cayce readings, and all the wonderful people, instructors, and workshops associated with this organization have helped me to become more enlightened and to evolve spiritually. It’s nice to have the opportunity to give back and help this organization.
—L.R., Pine Bluffs, Wy.

I have been participating in your Prison book program for several months now. I am grateful and want to express my ‘thank you’. Especially thank you for a spirituality I can embrace.
—Airway Heights Correction Center, Airway Heights, Wash.

The books you have sent me over the past four years have been a tremendous help and blessing to me. They have truly been life changing! May God continue to use all and bless all at the A.R.E.
—Talladega Federal Correctional Institution, Talladega, Ala.