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YOU Can Help Spread the Cayce Message of Holistic Health!

An interview with Dr. Norm Shealy, MD and Dr. Gladys McGarey about why their experiences with the Edgar Cayce readings have been life-altering for them.


Dr. Gladys McGarey (GM): We (founders of the American Holistic Medical Association) were all Edgar Cayce fans and Norm, Bill (McGarey), and I were talking one day and thought we should get an organization going in order to bring other physicians in so the AMA wasn’t the only choice for medical doctors.

It took us two years to decide how to spell “holistic.” We finally decided that the root of what we’re talking about is healing and holy! The “W” just didn’t fit, right, Norm?

Dr. Norm Shealy (NS): You bet! What’s interesting to me is that from the beginning, the (medical) establishment has fought the concept. They wouldn’t allow us to advertise in any AMA publication. Then they worked over the years to change our name – from “holistic” to “complementary and alternative” to “integrative” medicine which is the greatest falsehood in the world! They might offer a foot massage or hot stone massage and call that “integrative” but it’s not holistic!

GM: We holistic physicians – MDs and DOs – still need each other today! I’m restoring the idea through my work with Living Medicine. I think all this happened just as Edgar Cayce would have wanted it. He never wanted to be known himself – it wasn’t Cayce material. It’s universal. It’s become that.

A.R.E.: Where do you see Cayce’s influence in the world of health these days?

GM: All over the place! They don’t know it, but – you know stem cell research? That’s Cayce. 100 years ago, he said that every cell has consciousness. Another one is the use of osteopathy to use the body’s own structure to aid in healing.

NS: And nutrition! Mainline medicine is still in the dark ages (about the impact of diet) but science is coming to recognize that we really are what we eat. Cayce’s idea of the 80/20 diet is as pertinent as it was almost 100 years ago.

A.R.E.: What are you both doing today that applies Cayce ideas in your work?

GM: You have to ask that question in another way. What am I doing today that DOESN’T have its roots in the Cayce readings, concepts, and applications?? It all comes from the Cayce philosophy.

When I first found Cayce, my whole focus changed! From “killing medicine” to “living medicine.” (At the McGareys’ A.R.E. Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ), we changed from looking at the diseases to looking at the patient! We worked with dreams and Cayce products. We started an annual medical symposium – one year we had 700 people! It really got things going in the world of holistic medicine.

NS: One of the essential parts of my practice is past-life therapies. I believe that every major disease is the result of unfinished business from a past life. Not long after I first attended an A.R.E. conference in 1972, I began studying spiritual healing – I met some medical intuitives – which changed my entire concept of healing. The Cayce remedies… one of my patients now calls me Dr. Castor Oil!

GM: My kids say they’re going to put on my tombstone, “Here she lies in spite of castor oil!”

It’s been a journey – scary at times, exciting a lot of the times – but it’s been absolutely wonderful!

A.R.E.: What message would you like to pass along to the A.R.E. members and donors reading this interview?

NS: The single most important thing for the future of the Cayce work is to get young people involved. The older generation should encourage their children and grandchildren to get involved in a way that works for them.

GM: And remember, it won’t amount to a hill of beans unless we have members and donors and staff like you to carry on the Cayce work into the future. Thank you for picking it up and running with it!

My personal message for your readers is: Pay attention to the physician within yourself! The physician on the outside needs to pay attention to the patient, too, but empower the patient to listen to their own physician in themselves. I like to ask patients what they want to get well FOR. You have to have a purpose – a reason to live and get well – otherwise it’s not worth the effort.

NS: I tell my patients, the purpose in life is to help other people. Mind is the builder. Everything that you do and choose is ultimately the responsibility of your mind. So if you choose to sit all day, your death rate is equal to someone who chooses to smoke a pack a cigarettes each day. So I choose to eat right. I choose to move. I choose to take care of myself; in part because I don’t want anybody else to have to be responsible for me. It’s my responsibility to take care of myself.

GM: Yes! I choose to be happy! My daughter recently said to me, “Mom, you dwell in gratitude.” There are so many funny things going on all around us these days… and it’s just great! But there are bad things, too, so you can choose what you want to focus on and what world you want to create.

People ask me what it feels like to be 98 and I just tell them that I’m happy and I’m aging into health. I just have so much to be grateful for, so I just calling it “aging into health.”

NS: I’m in my 87th year… but I still feel 26; energetically, mentally and physically. I can’t imagine that I could have survived if I hadn’t gone out of the box with Cayce and the A.R.E. I consider the A.R.E. to be family.

GM: Yep. So do I. I’m just so grateful to have had this Cayce material in my life and work. It’s been essential for how I’ve raised my children and worked with people. The roots of all I’ve done are in the Cayce work.

We hope you enjoyed this interview in celebration of 40 years of Mr. Cayce officially being known as the Father of Holistic Medicine.