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Help Us Spread More Light in the World

Thank You for helping us spread more light in the world through your donation! 

The Edgar Cayce readings tell us:

“Let light and mercy keep thee. Let the spirit of love abide, as was shown by Him - who would have thee know the world is the Lord's and the ways are not past finding out if ye will seek to know them. For they alone bring joy, peace, and love.” 262-116

Your donation helps the Association for Research and EnLIGHTenment transmit the light, love, and healing found in the Edgar Cayce readings to the masses. You can support positive world change by helping seekers change their lives for the better. As you know, personally, the light contained within the readings, heals. And, the world can only change once people find the light.


Find out how your financial contributions support positive change in the world by reading this year’s issue of A.R.E. Reflections newsletter. Your donations add so much light to this world. Thank you.