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Support Your Camp!

A day at Camp can be an Ideal day: brilliant sunrise; peace and quiet; homemade food and garden salad; fresh air and water; adults and children laughing, working, playing, dancing, and singing together; a million stars; a chance to explore your own potential; a day to be fully alive.                        -- Duke Miller

You ARE the heart-beat of Camp!

Please help sustain A.R.E. Camp with a monthly donation of just $20, $50, or $100 per month. By joining together, we can guarantee that we all can meet in the Camp Valley next year and for many years to come.

Your donations help us create A.R.E. Camp each and every year—from nurturing and tending the organic garden to giving scholarships to children and families who cannot afford to attend Camp to enjoy the peace, love, and support found in the Valley.

A.R.E. Camp is a spiritual home to many. Campers—kids and adults alike—carry the Cayce perspectives back to your daily lives, live the ideals of the work in your communities, and continue to make the world a truly better place for having lived in it.

Thank YOU! You keep the heart of A.R.E. Camp beating strong.


Read our Camp Fundraising Letter (PDF)