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THANK YOU for Keeping the Cayce Light Shining!


2020 donations have helped bridge the financial gap that COVID-19 created for Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. We are truly grateful.

During this time, we have heard from many of you about how this Work and this organization have changed your life for the better… and how it has supported you during this strange time. Below are just a few of the comments we have received, and know that your financial support has helped to make these positive changes:

We would love to hear how it helped YOU. Thank you for all your support.

Wishing you peace,


Kevin J. Todeschi 
Executive Director and CEO

I give to the A.R.E. because the information from the Edgar Cayce readings answered so many questions I had about life. It's like a light house — a guide to truth and safety in the story world of today. I want to keep the light shining.
Hockessin, DE
Donor and Life Member

I was introduced to Cayce from a friend in AA...we started a Search for god Group — in short — AA saved my life — the A.R.E. showed me I have a soul!
Melbourne, FL
Donor and Member

A.R.E. changed my way of thinking. My life has a spiritual purpose and direction now.
Delaware, OH
Life Member and Donor

The A.R.E. is a beacon of light in this world. It continues to shine on the darkness and lighten the path with compassion, understanding and joy!
Washington, DC
Member and Donor