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The Camp Dining Hall Fundraising Committee Share their Camp Memories

A.R.E. Camp Committee MembersIn the early 70s, I took three of my four young children to A.R.E. Camp. Though rustic, it was a uniquely warm experience for us. A young Charles Thomas Cayce was a counselor! Years later, my young granddaughter and I went to Camp together—a wonderful experience—until her parents’ work changed, and they were able to take her and her brothers themselves. I have seen definite changes in my grandchildren from their experiences in being in the safe, accepting, supporting, congenial atmosphere that continues year after year at A.R.E. Camp. I have watched them become more confident and happier as they overcome shyness, fear, and self-doubt. I believe the Camp experience contributes to people of all ages in encouraging each one to live meaningful lives in harmony with their family, friends, and their world.

—Eunice Welch, Alexandria, Va.

My family and I came to a “Family Week” at Camp in 1987, when my kids were 5, 7, and 9 years old. I haven’t missed a summer since! The Cayce wisdom, the sacredness of the valley, the community, the healthy lifestyle, and the joy we experienced kept us coming back every year. The whole family loved our yearly vacations, and once the kids got old enough, they attended the children sessions, hikes, and programs for the older teenagers and young adults. It was one of the very best things we ever did for our children. Now that they’re all grown, I have been attending the Adult Sessions. See? There’s
A.R.E. Camp Committee Memberssomething for everyone at A.R.E. Camp!

—Nancy Holstein, Jackson, N.J.

Friends, life-lines, and loves

Morning dew, nights of wonder.
A Tribe to call mine.

—Jill Neff, Ohio

As a result of my Camp experiences, prayer, meditation, and dream recall became a natural part of my daily routine. And when doing any kind of relaxation visualization, the Dining Hall porch is the safe, peaceful place I return to in order reconnect with the joyful, wondrous side of my life. Blessings to you all.

—Patrick Walsh, Tempe, Ariz.

A.R.E. Camp Committee MembersAs a young mother, I sought to share my spirituality and love of nature with my family. At A.R.E. Camp, we found kindred spirits with whom to meditate, study Cayce’s readings and holistic health, make music, play sports, eat healthy meals, dance, hike, swim, and discuss dreams; put simply, to live joyfully for a week in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains! All four of our sons have worked at Camp and two have met their lifelong partners there! Camp has introduced us to lasting friends, and we look forward to having fun with our grandkids there soon. Hope you can join us!

—Lois Luckett, K.Y.

A.R.E. Camp Committee MembersThis is a picture from Adult Retreat 2006, with some A.R.E. Camp icons. My shirt symbolizes my feelings for them all and for Camp.
A.R.E. Camp has provided an opportunity for me to develop lifelong friendships with wonderful, loving kindred souls. My children and grandsons have been—and continue to be—nourished in the Camp atmosphere. To me, A.R.E. Camp is the place where all of Edgar Cayce's lifestyle recommendations are practiced.

—Hal Costley, Richmond, Va.

A.R.E. Camp Committee MembersIt has been many years since I was a teenage camper in Rural Retreat, Virginia. However, I have never forgotten spending those delightful summers with like-minded people in such a wonderful environment. My memories of Camp reinforced my belief that we are God’s beloved children. Everyone at Camp truly loved their neighbor. And they’re still doing it today.

—John Schroeder, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Help us with the Camp Dining Hall Final Touches and Join us for the Grand Opening on June 30!

Will you help us raise the rest of the funds we need to complete it all? Help us pay for flooring in the kitchen and dining room; install all the kitchen equipment; finish the building itself; and put in ADA parking, paths, and landscaping. We’d like to ask you to consider donating $200, or more if you can.

Our Committee has put together $25,000 to match your donations through June 1. Donations of $200 will be matched dollar-for-dollar and donations of $1,000 or more will be matched 2 to 1 (up to $25,000)!