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Announcing “The Final Push” Matching Gift Fund of $150,000 to help finish HQ Renovations!

$150,000 Matching Gift Challenge

3:1 for gifts of $10,000+; 2:1 for gifts of $1,000 or more; 1:1 for all donations of $200 or more to the project.

Matching Gift Donation


A.R.E.’s 1975 Visitor Center needs a bit more TLC. We’ve already renovated the Restrooms and the Library… we’ve raised the funds for the Elevator and the Meditation Room… now we’re asking for your help to finish the HQ Renovations with our most important pieces: 

  • Our Visitor Center Lobby is everyone’s first impression of A.R.E. - $190,000 will manifest this vision and inspire everyone who walks through our doors
  • Conference Auditorium needs $50,000 for new lighting and redesign
  • Mini-Auditorium needs $25,000 for new stage and lighting
  • Resurface Parking Lot – $35,000

Be part of A.R.E.’s beautification and preparation for the next generation of Edgar Cayce fans and spiritual seekers.




Here’s what two seekers and fellow donors had to say about this life-changing Work:

"I am very happy to support the organization that has given me so much spiritual food since I was 19 years old. I am now 61. Thank you for all your help and support over the years. I would not be where I am with you and your work."

C.B., New York
Golden Circle and Good Karma Club

"My life is filled with so much meaning and understanding since I found the Cayce material. I love researching all areas of spirituality but find myself always coming back to the Cayce material as I feel it is the clearest channel of spiritual guidance.

Thank you to all the amazing souls who keep the work alive and keep sharing it with all those who are searching."

T.S. New South Wales, Australia
Good Karma Club