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Make a Commitment to the Source Today

“The source is the universal consciousness that must be tapped so that thy spirit… may seek to know the heart, the will of thy Maker!”
—Edgar Cayce reading 254-96

The A.R.E. General Fund had been renamed “The Source Fund” in honor of the Universal Source accessed by Edgar Cayce. The Source is the philosophical foundation of the Cayce Work. The new Source Fund is the financial foundation upon which the A.R.E. depends and thrives. Thank you for supporting it.

In celebration of The Source Fund, you can make a donation of $100 or more “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” a loved one, friend, or mentor who has been a source of inspiration to you. 


Thanks for your support. Here comes your good karma!


Join the Good Karma Club today and you’ll receive a copy of Edgar Cayce on The Power of Your Soul as our Thank-You gift. This volume examines the Cayce readings and provides a look at how we might truly become the powerful individuals we were meant to be.


Member Testimonials

“May Edgar Cayce’s dream of healing others continue. I feel fortunate that I can help in fulling this endeavor by joining the Good Karma Club.”
—R.W., Seattle, WA

“I have started tithing and I’m very happy to support the A.R.E. It has given me so much spiritual food since I was 19 years old. I am now 61. Thank you for all your help and support over the years. I would not be where I am without your work.”
—C.B., Islip Terrace, NY

“The A.R.E. has been an important part of my life for years. I depend on it for friendship, solace, learning and direction. I will continue to support the work with my Good Karma Club donation as long as I am able.”
—J.K., Houston, TX

“My life is filled with so much meaning and understanding since I found the Cayce material. I love researching all areas of spirituality, but find myself always coming back to Cayce, as I feel it is the clearest channel of spiritual guidance of everything I read. Thank you to all the amazing souls who keep this work alive and keep sharing it with all who are searching.”
—T.S., Port Macquarie, Australia