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We are so very grateful to you!

Thank you for being there for us during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Your thoughts, prayers and financial support have acted as the ballast to help stabilize us on this turbulent sea of unknowing.

As we slowly begin to chart our new course, we are gradually getting underway with operations in our various program area—like the A.R.E. Library, Prison Outreach, Prayer and Meditation Services, and Study Groups. Each of these programs needs your financial support in order to thrive. And, even though A.R.E. Camp’s programs were canceled this summer, we still have volunteers there who need funds to help do some building repairs.

As you know and have experienced for yourself, each of these programs provides valuable resources for seekers on their journeys. We are asking you to consider supporting one or more of these programs with a one-time donation of $150 or more; or consider a $20 monthly donation to help sustain these programs for the seekers of tomorrow.

We are so very grateful to you!

If you’re interested in learning more about how donations help these programs, watch this “virtual tour” of the A.R.E. and meet some of the people who run these programs. They’ll tell you what a difference your donations will make.