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Keep the Light Shining!

Dear Members, Friends, and Cayce Enthusiasts,

We need your help. It’s that simple.                         MAKE A DONATION TODAY

During this turbulent time, the A.R.E.’s bottom line is being hit very hard. We have had to cancel dozens of conferences and tours, and the decreased visitors to our Virginia Beach Headquarters is taking a toll on our bookstore, spa, café, massage school, and more.

That said, we are the keepers of the light; stewards of the Cayce readings and the enlightenment they offer this world. Keep the light shining!

Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. is a beacon of hope in these cloudy times of uncertainty. Please donate all you can today to the A.R.E. Crisis Relief Fund and help keep this light shining brightly. Can you offer $150? $500? $1,000 or more?

Especially now, A.R.E. is a resource for people around the world who are going through this crisis with us. We’re offering a lot—online, via email, by phone, and in personpractical tips from Edgar Cayce on how to stay healthy, how to stay calm in the midst of fear, how to serve others while taking care of yourself. 

Your donation today will help A.R.E. stay strong through this tumultuous period. We hope you stay strong as well.

Wishing you peace,


Kevin J. Todeschi 
Executive Director and CEO