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Edgar Cayce Foundation

During Edgar Cayce's lifetime, the records of the readings were his personal property. After his death, they became the property of his sons, Hugh Lynn Cayce and Edgar Evans Cayce, and his secretary, Gladys Davis Turner. They were stored in the Cayce home and office. In February 1948, the Edgar Cayce Foundation (E.C.F. or "the Foundation") was chartered by the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide permanent legal and physical custody of historical resources including:

  • The Edgar Cayce readings themselves and various compilations of extracts from the readings, including microfilm and electronic copies of the readings.
  • Related correspondence and records, such as original stenographer notebooks, appointment books, research studies and reports on the readings, indexes and inventories, reports of preservation activities, photographs, sound and video recordings, etc.
  • Correspondence, business papers, and files of Hugh Lynn Cayce, Gladys Davis Turner, and other early staff members.
  • Lectures and other writings by Edgar Cayce, Hugh Lynn Cayce, Gladys Davis Turner, and other staff members and friends who have donated their records to the Foundation.
  • Other Edgar Cayce and Cayce Family papers, records, and memorabilia.
  • Miscellaneous historical documents and materials that have been given to or purchased by the Foundation, including unpublished book manuscripts.
  • Author contracts and archival copies of most books and other materials published by A.R.E. Press and the Edgar Cayce Foundation.
  • Official historical and business records for the A.R.E., E.C.F., and Atlantic University.

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Most of these archival records are now stored in the Don and Nancy deLaski Education Center building on our headquarters campus in Virginia Beach, Va. Historical, aging, sensitive, and fragile materials are further protected within the Foundation vault in that building. Microfilm copies of the original carbon copies of the readings and related correspondence are stored in a climate-controlled facility off premises. The primary responsibility of the Foundation is the ongoing preservation, organization, and cataloging of the above archival resources and others that may be added from time to time. Daily activities may include:

  • Responding to requests from members, authors, and other researchers about information that may be available in the archives.
  • Making minor corrections to the master electronic file of the Cayce readings as they are identified by users of the available versions (e.g., the current CD-ROMs). Many of these errors were made when readings were retyped years ago.
  • Reviewing requests from authors, videographers, film producers, and publishers for using quotations from the readings in new material, and granting appropriate permission within current guidelines (see Copyright Permission Policy). Such new products may be subsequently reviewed to insure accuracy of quotation and permission notice and appropriateness of context.
  • Reviewing requests from the same categories of individuals for use of historical photographs, sound and video recordings in the archives, and other historical artifacts, symbols, and images; locating and providing appropriate copies or temporary loans of requested material; reviewing for appropriateness of use and permission notice.
  • Producing Research Bulletins and other reports and compilations based on the Cayce information and the historical records. For example:
    • A series of Medical Research Bulletins for reference by physicians and other health care professionals on specific conditions treated on the basis of Cayce readings information.
    • Special Research Bulletins reporting analyses of unique information in large numbers of readings, e.g., the life readings for children, and the readings describing past lives during the Crusades.
    • Reports of special studies such as attempting to verify details of past life readings; historical summary of the "provenance" of the Cayce readings themselves over the past 100 years; etc.
  • Developing new files and databases for increased effectiveness in locating historical information about significant people, events, activities, etc.

When special funds are available from A.R.E. or from donors to E.C.F., the Foundation may support research and development projects such as:

  • Collecting oral histories and other background information from people who had readings and their families or had other close connections to the Cayce work.
  • Undertaking studies to verify past life information or other historical details given in the readings.
  • Undertaking special studies of unique readings-based products or information, such as: the life seals and aura charts; the medical treatment formulas, ingredients, and special equipment; archaeological and historical sites.

Contributions to support such projects as well as the ongoing work of the Foundation are always welcome and sincerely appreciated. For more information about the Edgar Cayce Foundation or any of the above activities, address e-mail inquiries to: or call direct to: 757-457-7225 (Archives Coordinator) or 757-457-7204 (the Edgar Cayce Foundation).For policies and procedures regarding the use of quotations from the Edgar Cayce readings in books, articles, etc., see Copyright Permission Policy.