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Hypnotherapy Training Opportunities

Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and Atlantic University have been leaders in transpersonal education since the founding of our organizations in the early 1930s. Internationally recognized as a trusted source for high-quality, in-depth, and experiential training, our top-rated, award-winning, peer- and academically recognized instructors merge the latest in theoretical research and clinical experience with the body-mind-spirit wisdom found in the Edgar Cayce readings to create programs and educational tracks that nurture students, conferees, therapists, and clients.

Edgar Cayce himself recommended hypnosis as a tool for healing and transformation. Cayce's psychic discourses are rooted in hypnotism as Cayce discovered that his self-induced trance state put him in touch with a universal consciousness that enabled him to bring forth the wisdom that is now found in his readings. The readings themselves advised that “the study of self…may best be done by suggestive forces to the body through hypnosis.”

Over the centuries, hypnosis has proven itself as a valuable therapeutic tool. Since its 1958 endorsement by the American Medical Association (AMA), there has been tremendous growth in its methods, applications, and acceptance. It is widely used by psychologists, therapists, and spiritual seekers as a safe and effective way to change unwanted habits, reduce stress, heal past traumas, create wellness, and even to explore potential past lives.

Courses that meet students at all levels from beginners to licensed therapists are offered throughout the year and include:

Learn online through Atlantic University:

Learn in person at A.R.E.'s HQ Conferences