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Bimini: From Atlantis to Dolphins with Joan Ranquet and Jennie Taylor
Explore Atlantis, Commune with Nature, Communicate with Dolphins!
June 24 - 30, 2018
Enjoy excursions to Bimini Road, Dolphins, and Stingrays while you learn animal communication and commune with nature in this pristine setting that was once home to Atlantis!
June 24, 2018 - June 30, 2018

This tour includes animal communication training and a certificate of completion!

Enjoy excursions to Bimini Road, Dolphins, and Stingrays while you learn animal communication and commune with nature in this pristine setting that was once home to Atlantis!

Every day, we will take time to meditate, exercise, and share our dreams. 

Joan Ranquet is an animal communicator, speaker, author, and founder of Communication with all Life University (CWALU).

Joan has led Animal Communication wildlife retreats to the Bahamas for seven years to swim and communicate with the wild dolphins, and most recently facilitated a trip to the White Lions of the Global White Lion Protection Trust. 
Joan will teach animal communication during this trip in Bimini. You will learn to communicate with animals and to enhance human/animal relationships using telepathy—the sending and receiving of pictures, words, and feelings. You will interact with live animals, connect with animals using pictures, and work on behavioral and health challenges, as well as learn exercises to deepen your intuition.

Jennie E. Taylor will be presenting on the topic of Atlantis and Animals from the readings. According to the readings, not only did Atlantis exist, but the breadth of technology and industry at that time surpassed our own. In fact, it was that civilization’s unique use of a type of crystal energy that eventually led to the downfall of Atlantis over a period of several thousand years, as it broke apart and into the ocean. Jennie will give a presentation on this ancient land and discuss what lessons we can gain from our lifetimes in Atlantis and apply to our lives today.

And to help us learn life’s lessons, we’ve been given this opportunity to share our world with animals and nature—to share and to observe, and in doing so, we can be reminded of what it’s like when we allow ourselves to be in accord with the Creative Source, just as animals and nature are in accord with spirit.


Pricing Information
Single supplement $850



About A.R.E. Tours
Do you have questions and want to talk about this tour before signing up? Ellen Cayce would love to hear from you! Call her direct line at 757-457-7186, or email

For more than forty years, the A.R.E. has been offering annual travel programs to explore concepts in the Edgar Cayce material while visiting a variety of travel destinations that focus on insights from the Cayce readings, dreams, meditation, as well as all of the activities popular with "regular" tourists.

The tour content is meant to provide an educational and enrichment element that is not found on most tours. All of the tours are led by outstanding speakers and teachers in the metaphysical and holistic fields, specifically from the Edgar Cayce perspective. Top local guides, who are also part of each program, highlight the historical and cultural aspects that would be included in any first class tour. Special care is taken to include the heart and soul of the areas visited. Emphasis is placed on sacred sites and areas of historic spiritual significance.

Additional Info and Schedule
June 24 - 30, 2018
Ellen Cayce

is an animal communicator, energy healer, equestrian, and author of Communication with All Life, Energy Healing for Animals, and several other titles. She is the founder of Communication with All Life University. She was chosen by MSN as one of the “Top 25 People Who Do What They Love.” Through private sessions, workshops, teleseminars, and speaking events, Joan facilitates a deepening of the human/animal connection. She has made numerous appearances on television and radio and shares her abilities as a communicator and healer in workshops across the country and tours throughout the world.


has been a student of the Edgar Cayce readings for over 30 years. A long-time employee and current Director of Marketing at A.R.E., she also spent nine years as a volunteer at the Virginia Zoological Park, and 11 years as a director at an international animal welfare nonprofit. Her deep love and compassion for all animals inspired her to research the Cayce readings on this topic where she discovered the role animals and nature play in our spiritual path, as well as the possibility of their having their own spiritual journey and afterlife. She is currently working on a book on this topic while honing her animal communication skills.