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Thank you for registering for an A.R.E. Camp Session! 

PLEASE READ: This page contains important information about steps that you MUST complete BEFORE attending A.R.E. Camp. Also, please be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back at a later time, if needed. 

We are so happy to have your registration for camp! Before you embark on your adventure, we will need you to complete registration forms. Please locate your session below for details and follow the links to fill and submit the required documents BEFORE you arrive at A.R.E. Camp. The sooner we receive your registration forms, the better!


For helpful tips and packing information, you can view or download the A.R.E. Camp Handbook

The physical address of Camp is 283 White Rock Furnace Road, Rural Retreat, VA 24368 – follow the gravel road past the mailboxes for about a mile and enjoy the scenery! There are more detailed directions of how to get to Camp in the A.R.E. Camp Handbookbut if you happen to find yourself lost on the road, feel free to call Camp at 276-686-4031. 

To verify exact dates of your A.R.E. Camp session, please view our camp sessions event page

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the A.R.E. Camp Manager, Malenka Luckett, at or 757-457-7162. 


Construction Camp

Camper Information Form

Camper Health Insurance Form

Construction Camp begins on Monday, May 25th with dinner at 6 p.m., but you’re welcome to arrive any time during the day on Tuesday to make yourself comfortable and settle in to Camp. When you arrive, the first building you see on your left will be the Director’s Cabin. Someone will be around the Director’s Cabin to help with your arrival and help you settle in. We do not make cabin assignments for Construction Camp but we will have plenty of space for you to pick from. You are also welcome to arrive any time during Construction Camp and stay for however long you are able (May 25 - June 7).

The weather during Construction Camp is usually perfect for working outside, however it is important to note that Camp will go on rain or shine, so best be prepared! Since our nights sometimes run in the 50’s during this time of year, make sure you bring extra blankets, sweaters, and things to keep you warm! I find that a nice warm hat usually does the trick and hot water bottles can work wonders for nighttime comfort! Keep in mind that the camp cabins are equipped with mattresses, but not bedding. We also have some extra blankets at Camp if you find you didn’t bring enough. Construction Camp runs for two weeks and wraps up after breakfast on Friday, June 7.