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Family Camp, One (First Session)
Living a Full Spectrum Life with Demara Stamler
July 2 - 8, 2017
Family Camp provides a positive experience for a young or first-time camper!
July 2, 2017 - July 8, 2017
Rural Retreat , VA


At Family Camp, we provide a balanced program for all ages to enjoy: for adults, a popular resource person will lead workshops on the topic for the week; for children, a wide variety of counselor-led activities give kids a taste of what Children’s Camp is like. Most important, the session is about families spending time together.

About This Session

with Demara Stamler
What would it be like if you were living your life Full Spectrum? This week at Family Camp Session One we will explore your life dreams in the four domains of health and wellness, relationships, vocation or creative expression, and time and money freedom. As spiritual seekers, familiar with Edgar Cayce’s work, we know we have come into this life with a purpose, a mission to fulfill. This purpose shows up as our inner-most dreams, a still small voice, and our longings. Demara will walk this journey with you as you discover or re-discover those dreams. You will learn how to test the dreams to make sure they deserve you. And you will explore the fears that may have held you back and learn to embrace, and move beyond those fears so that you can bring your dreams into reality.

About Family Camp

A.R.E. Camp provides a unique setting where families can play games, sing, hike, and enjoy a campfire together--they can pray and meditate together too.

During the mornings, children are grouped by age to attend counselor-led activities while grown-ups meet with the resource person to discuss a relevant and interesting topic related to material from the Edgar Cayce readings.

All other activities are designed for the whole family to attend together. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles--all are welcome at Family Camp!

PARENTS: Family Camp can provide a positive experience for a young or first-time camper. If your child is not yet comfortable with attending a Children's Camp, or even our new, shorter “Cayce Kids” session, he or she might truly enjoy coming for Family Camp. After experiencing Family Camp, kids usually want to come back for more on their own!


Spend a week with your family in the Appalachian mountains!
Additional Info and Schedule
July 2 - 8, 2017
A.R.E. Camp
283 White Rock Furnace Road
Rural Retreat, VA 24368
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Demara Stamler

Demara has been a student of Cayce for over 30 years, an avid ARE camper with her family for over 20 years, and has been blessed to facilitate programs at the Big House with teenagers through the Journey program in years past.  As a speaker, teacher, and transformational coach she has worked with organizations and individuals helping them manifest their dreams of creating richer more fulfilling lives.