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Support A.R.E. Camp

Support A.R.E. Camp

A.R.E. Camp is nothing without the people who create it. From our enthusiastic, dedicated campers to our joyful, service-focused volunteers and staff, the love we all share with each other is the truest treasure we give and receive. We are all richer because of you.

Support A.R.E. Camp's General Fund

Since A.R.E. Camp’s founding nearly six decades ago, we have had many champions watching out for us along the way.

Today, we count on you to champion Camp’s cause and pick up the mantle borne by those who came before us. Like them, will you answer the call and serve with joy? Please donate what you can today. Whether that's $100, $500, $1,000, or more. Maybe you’d rather donate $20 or $50 per month? However it works best for you, we will be grateful for your gift.

Your personal treasure will be well utilized in helping our beloved Camp treasure to flourish and prosper. Thank you so very much for supporting this place we love so much.

Support A.R.E. Camp's Building Fund

Most of you know that Camp’s Dining Hall burned down in June of 2015. Since then, we have built a beautiful new Dining Hall exterior. Now we just need to finish the interior (flooring, doors, electrical, etc.). Will you help us? Keep us in your prayers and make a donation.

Our generous Camp community has already donated close to $200,000 to get us this far. Thank you! We just need about $50,000 more to finish up. Think of all our happy campers next summer! Please donate what you can today.

For additional information, read our Dining Hall/Camp Fundraising Letter – October 2017 (PDF)

 Give to the Building Fund