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Chakras, Mythology, and Astrological Symbolism with Johnny Barnett
June 02, 2019
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
A Wisdom Workshop Presented by the A.R.E. Bookstore & Gift Shop
Sunday, June 2, 2019
Virginia Beach , VA

“The body is a pattern, it is an example of all the forces of the universe itself.”

- Edgar Cayce Reading 2153-6

An empowering and mind -opening journey through our energetic or “Spiritual” anatomy- symbolized by the 7 Chakras- which guides us towards a life of meaning, purpose, love and fulfillment. A generous helping of esoteric knowledge and a sprinkle of contemporary culture to help bring our astrological role-models -the ancient characters of Greek Mythology- into the present day, plus a strong dose of modern authors such as Eckhart Tolle and Don Miguel Ruiz will open your heart and mind to the Spiritual Reality that lies just beneath the surface of our modern world- ready to be re-discovered, celebrated and consciously embodied by each and every one of us!


Cost: $25.00 
Save $5 if you register by 5 p.m. EST on May 29, 2019

To register for a Wisdom Workshop call 757-457-7231, or stop by the A.R.E. Bookstore & Gift Shop.

A.R.E. Wisdom Workshops joyfully welcome participants with all levels of interest and skill set. 


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Additional Info and Schedule
June 02, 2019
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Virginia Beach Headquarters
Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
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Johnny has been a practicing Astrologer for over 25 years. His unique astrological perspective is based upon the relationship between the 7 planets of classical astrology and the 7 Chakras - adding greater understanding as to the nature of the Human experience. He draws upon his complementary studies in symbolism, mythology, Jungian psychology, and physics, as well as his experiences as a father, husband, entrepreneur, community activist and musician to inform his work.