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Angels and Your Extraordinary Soul Purpose
Join us online for this on-demand conference session featuring psychic Kim O'Neill on the important role our angels and guardians play in our lives.
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Gain Front-row access Kim O’Neill’s presentation, part of our How to Talk With Your Angels and Departed Loved Ones: Intensive Channeling Certification conference. In this insightful presentation, you will learn the important role our angels and guardians play in our spiritual growth. You will explore how connecting with these guides can have a positive influence as they assist you in achieving your soul’s destiny and following your spiritual blueprint. Learn how your angels are always there for you, if you will only call upon them!

Approximate run time: 2 hours, 14 minutes

Price: $39

Watch from the convenience and comfort of your own home via desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even your smart phone, and enjoy this special presentation on-demand at your convenience as well.

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Available Now
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A popular and dynamic presenter, was voted “Houston’s Top Psychic” by Houston Press Magazine. She is the author of How to Talk with Your Angels; Bond with Your Baby Before Birth; The Calling: My Journey with the Angels; and her new title from A.R.E. Press, The Way of Knowingness: The Intuitive Path to Your Spiritual Destiny. For over three decades she has conducted private channeling sessions for an international list of clients and established seminars and workshops designed to help people transform their lives and develop greater spiritual awareness. Her website is