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Encounters with the Ancient Ones: Lost Technologies, Missing Connections and New Discoveries Revealed
Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference
Explore the latest discoveries in the fields of prehistory, mythology, lost civilizations, and the mystical wisdom of ancient cultures from the ancient Egyptians to Arthurian England and beyond, featuring the latest research from Erich von Däniken, Dr. Maureen Clemmons, Laird Scranton, Andrew Collins, James Vieira, John Van Auken, Lora Hunter Little, EdD and Edward T. Martin.
October 5, 2017 - October 8, 2017
Virginia Beach , VA


COME UNCOVER THE MYSTERIES and wisdom of our earliest cultures; SEE the latest discoveries from the field; EXPLORE suppressed histories of civilization’s origins; EXAMINE the apparent influence of ancient aliens in our creation and destiny.

Explore the buried secrets of Atlantis, mystical Egypt, ancient Mayan and Toltec America, hidden India, and even prehistoric Britain and Scotland. Why? Because your soul was there! Latent within you are all the memories and skills your soul possesses from those ancient times—lost knowledge waiting to be found. This conference stimulates your deeper mind to recall all you have known and to awaken it to this incarnation.


ufochaseErich von Däniken, the father of the ancient astronaut theory, has over 200,000 pictures of every mysterious site in his archives. He has published 38 books on the visitations by extraterrestrials (ETs) in mankind’s ancient past. Since his first book, Chariots of the Gods, he has become number one in his field. And he makes it absolutely clear: this planet was visited by ETs in the past. Our Stone Age ancestors looked at these visitors as “the gods”—a mistake that changed ancient cultures and created worldwide mythologies and religions.


Investigative cosmologist Laird Scranton, brings the fascinating story of the enigmatic 5,000-year-old megalithic sites of Skara Brae, located on remote Orkney Island in Northern Scotland. What was the purpose for the building of these massive structures by an unknown people whose origins and fate are lost to time? Researcher and author Andrew Collins provides evidence that 13,000 years ago, a comet devastated the island of Cuba and submerged part of the Bahaman landmass, destroying the Caribbean Atlantis. He also shares the latest findings on the 12,000-year-old Ice Age civilization Gobekli Tepe, and how this sophisticated culture inspired other civilizations, including ancient Egypt.


Dr. Maureen Clemmons is renowned for her groundbreaking hypothesis that the ancient Egyptians used the wind to erect their monuments and her subsequent successful testing of this theory with the cooperation of the aeronautics department at Caltech. She brings her latest research into ancient construction techniques that will reshape your understanding of these fantastic monuments. Explorer James Vieira shares the mystery of the “Lost World” described by Edgar Cayce, and draws from studies of worldwide ancient stone sites, global indigenous oral traditions, and the literature of secret societies to explore and test the Cayce material as scientifically and objectively as possible.


Ancient mysteries expert John Van Auken, brings stunning images of the ancient world, and reveals their incredibly complex and deeply spiritual vision of the mysteries of the afterlife and the true nature of the soul from ancient traditions in the Americas and Egypt. Atlantis and Bimini researcher Lora Hunter Little, EdD, shares amazing rare video that details how Brown’s Ruins could be the most complete ancient underwater complex ever discovered in the Bahamas. Explore Jesus’ lost years in India with the convincing documentary evidence presented by researcher Edward T. Martin.



Meet the presenters and authors close-up. Ask that question that has been on your mind. Get the latest books autographed by the authors. Enjoy like-minded people, conversation, and refreshments. Program also includes optional Life Member and Donor Reception and Tours Reunion Luncheon events. See conference brochure schedule for details. 

Mark your calendar, call our registrar, and pack your suitcase! All Roads Lead to Enlightenment and the A.R.E. Register NOW! Seating is limited and is expected to sell out!

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FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: A limited number of partial scholarships are available for most programs. Contact A.R.E. Customer Service for details.

We hope you enjoy this greeting from Erich Von Daniken!

Take a trip across space and time to discover the real truth behind ancient legends, cross-cultural myths, esoteric secrets, and archaeological obscurities.
Additional Info and Schedule
October 5 - 8, 2017
Virginia Beach Headquarters
Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
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Erich von Daniken

Erich von Daniken is one of the most widely read nonfiction authors in the world. His first and best-known book, Chariots of the Gods, became an international sensation and was followed by 37 more books, including the recent best-sellers Twilight of the Gods and History Is Wrong. His works have been translated into 28 languages and have sold more than 63 million copies. Several have also been made into films, including the Emmy nominated In Search of Ancient Astronauts.

Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins is the author of various books that challenge the way we perceive the past, including his most recent, Atlantis in the Caribbean and The Comet That Changed the World. He has been investigating the idea of advanced civilizations in prehistory for almost 40 years. His recent book, The Cygnus Key: Gobekli Tepe and the Birth of Egypt, explores this fantastic megalithic complex and its links to the Garden of Eden.

Laird Scranton

Laird Scranton, an independent researcher of ancient cosmology and language, has spent decades studying comparative cosmology and the synchronous aspects of ancient African, Egyptian, Vedic, Chinese, Polynesian and other world cultures. His has published numerous articles and is the author of several books including his most recent, The Mystery of Skara Brae: Neolithic Scotland and the Origins of Ancient Egypt.

James Vieira

Jim Vieira is a writer, author and host of History Channel shows Search for the Lost Giants (2014) Roanoke: Search for the Lost Colony (2015) and Roanoke: Search for the Survivors (2016). Jim has investigated worldwide ancient stone sites, global indigenous oral traditions, the readings of the great clairvoyants and the literature of secret societies to form an alternative theory regarding the origins of civilization. Stunning similarities in ancient construction, iconography, symbolism and spiritual practices have lead Jim to the inescapable conclusion that an ancient pre-ice age mother culture seems to have been a probability.

Maureen Clemmons

Maureen Clemmons holds a doctorate and an MBA from Pepperdine University. She is president of Transformations, a consulting firm specializing in SAP installations, change management, and innovation. WINGS WorldQuest, an organization celebrating women who advance science, and the Explorer's Club, an international society for advancing scientific field research, elected her a fellow for her pioneering achievements.

John Van Auken

is an internationally renowned speaker, a long-time A.R.E. staff member, a current director at A.R.E, and a popular leader of A.R.E.’s tours to sacred sites around the world. He is the author of numerous bestselling books including Edgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces Within You, Angels, Fairies, Demons, & the Elementals, and is co-author of his most recent, Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious Essenes: Lessons from Our Sacred Past. His extensive knowledge of the Edgar Cayce readings, the Bible, ancient Egypt mysticism, world religions, and Christ Consciousness make him a popular and authoritative teacher.

To view John's upcoming schedule of events, visit our events search page for "John Van Auken." 

Lora Hunter Little, EdD

Lora Hunter Little, EdD, is a long-time student of the Cayce readings who has traveled extensively to ancient sites throughout North and Central America, and is also a part of the A.R.E. Atlantis Research team working in Guatemala and the Bahamas with Greg Little. She is coauthor of six books including Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis. Lora and Greg are also former co-writers/editors of the A.R.E. Ancient Mysteries Newsletter. 

Edward T. Martin

Edward T. Martin is a graduate of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. An extensive world traveler, he was also a Peace Corps Volunteer for three years, serving in Afghanistan and the Fiji Islands. He has made three trips to India and done extensive research into the evidence that Jesus visited India. His first book, King of Travelers, Jesus’ Lost Years in India, was the basis for the movie, Jesus in India, by Paul Davids.