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Law of Attraction
Understanding and Applying the Universal Laws for Abundant Living
Learn new ways to create a dynamic life filled with confidence, enthusiasm, and vitality using the life-changing principals found in the Universal Laws, co-creative forces, and the Edgar Cayce readings. Featuring intuitives Radleigh Valentine, Cindy Griffith, Dr. Garland Landrith, and Mitch Horowitz.
April 6, 2018 - April 8, 2018
Virginia Beach , VA


Understanding and Applying the Universal Laws for Abundant Living

We’re not passive observers of life, adrift like a feather in the wind—we actively, although often unconsciously—create and manifest the people, actions, and activities that come into our lives. But fortunately for us, we know, as Cayce said, that “thoughts are things” and “mind is the builder” and we can use our conscious minds and higher selves to create new positive outcomes, relationships, and life circumstances.

“The law that is ever present: like attracts like; like begets like.”  
Edgar Cayce reading 541-1

Through exploration of the Law of Attraction, you'll learn how to walk the path of the conscious co-creator and explore the ways you actively participate, or decline to participate, in the creation of your future and the future of humankind—by changing your thoughts and vibrations, working with your body's energy fields, and working with the Universal Laws.

Believe in and achieve your goals for any aspect of your life:

  • Improving finances and generating new forms of income
  • Mending relationships and attracting fulfilling new friendships
  • Finding meaningful and rewarding work
  • Creating balance and renewing health and wellness
  • Enhancing intuition and understanding your Higher purpose
  • Manifesting a more positive, peaceful world around you
  • Getting in touch with your “inner genie” to manifest your dreams and goals


Turning adversity into a blessing
Whether you believe it or not, YOU are the creator of your own life. Your thoughts become beliefs, which govern your choices. These, in turn, determine your actions, and ultimately, your destiny.


Knowing, understanding, and aligning with your personal ideal and the laws of the universe that God created can help you become conscious and intentional about what you create, and help you express gratitude for all you have been given. You are empowered to create your own reality by design, and not by default, because everything that God put in place in this universe works with you and for you. You’ll learn to read the signs from the Universe that surround you and the messages you’re receiving every day, manifesting what you really want and turning adversity into a blessing.

“The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”
—Radleigh Valentine, quoting William Butler Yeats
Radleigh believes his purpose is to help others sharpen those wits. And to show them that life, is magic.

Staying late? Join us for a screening of the movie “As A Man Thinketh” featuring Mitch Horowitz and Edwene Gaines. Sunday at 1:30 p.m. in the Main Auditorium, introduced by Mitch Horowitz.

As a special kick-off to this program, join us LIVE online Friday, April 6, 7 - 9 p.m. (followed by on-demand access anytime) as we bring you Mitch Horowitz’s presentation, How to Make A Miracle!

Discover the secret to living a happy, satisfying, abundant life— and it’s not a secret!
Additional Info and Schedule
April 6 - 8, 2018
Virginia Beach Headquarters
Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
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Radleigh Valentine is the best-selling Hay House author of How to Be Your Own Genie: Manifesting the Magical Life You Were Born to Live.  He is also the author of five tarot decks, one angel oracle deck, and the “Big Book of Angel Tarot.”  As an internationally known spiritual teacher, Radleigh has spoken at more than 70 events in 10 countries since 2012, including over a dozen Hay House “I Can Do It” events.  Radleigh is also an annual participant of the Hay House World Summit and is a regular speaker at the Angel World Summit in London and Engelkongress in Germany & Austria. His radio show, “Magical Things with Radleigh Valentine”, is a mixture of teaching through laughter and poignant readings for listeners and his popular video show, “Ask Rad!”, airs on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously each week


A widely known voice of esoteric spirituality, Mitch Horowitz is the PEN Award-winning author of books including Occult America; One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life; and Mind as Builder: The Positive Mind Metaphysics of Edgar Cayce. Mitch has written on alternative spiritual topics for The New York Times and The Washington Post, and appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, Dateline NBC, NPR’s All Things Considered, and a wide range of national media.

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Cindy Griffith, MA is a Psychic, Metaphysics Teacher and Huffington Post blogger; author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives and Grow Your Spiritual Business. She graduated from Empire State College, with a Bachelor of Science in Spiritual Counseling and Healing and her Masters in Consciousness Development. She teaches metaphysics, spiritual and psychic development and topics relating to the Cayce teachings online through, at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach and in Tokyo with Voice Workshops. She offers psychic and channeled sessions at the A.R.E. Psychic Fairs, her Virginia Beach office, and fairs around the country. Find out more about Cindy, her articles, books, classes and psychic readings at

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Garland Landrith, PhD, whose research was cited in the critically acclaimed movie "What the Bleep Do We Know," is a cutting-edge quantum field psychologist and energy healer who combines quantum field technology with tapping on acupuncture points to teach people how to create the life of their dreams.