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Soul Writing: Conversing with Your Higher Self
with Regressionist, Researcher, and Author, Joanne DiMaggio, MA, CHt
NEW! Soul Growth Saturday! This transformational tool, recommended in the Cayce readings, helps you access guidance from a higher source emanating from your soul, guides, and guardians, with step-by-step instructions and experiential exercises. Receive a discount when you attend this event along with our Soul Growth Sunday event, Reflections on the Path: Renewing Your Spirit with the Soul's Wisdom.
Saturday, August 12, 2017
Virginia Beach , VA


What if you knew, really knew in EVERY part of your being, that there is an answer to every question you have ever pondered and that all you have to do is ask and the answer will be forthcoming?

Soul Writing is a written form of meditation. It is you communicating with a higher power, asking the tough questions that are so often posed in prayer, and getting a response in writing. It’s like a 24/7 direct line to divine guidance counselors who are just waiting to hear from you.

During this fascinating, insightful, and fun workshop you will:PencilAbstract

  • Understand and practice the Soul Writing process and learn how to “plug in”
  • Explore what the Edgar Cayce readings tell us about inspirational writing and how to use it safely and confidently
  • Use these techniques for greater understanding and deeper insights into specific topics including past lives and current circumstances
  • Understand how this spiritual growth tool can be used to enhance psychic abilities, explore esoteric topics, facilitate self-awareness and healing, and expand soul growth
  • Experience how Soul Writing is something anyone can do and do well, even on the first try!

With Soul Writing, you put the Universe to the test, asking whatever your soul yearns to know. By going into a meditative state before writing, you are in that longed-for place where spirit resides and it is here that spirit whispers to you. All you need to do is be present, be aware, be willing to trust and let go. See what a profound change it can make in your life!

Combine with our August 13 Soul Growth Sunday event, Reflections on the Path: Renewing Your Spirit with the Soul's Wisdom and take an additional $20 off.

PLEASE NOTE: Bring a blank or lined journal for use in class. Final schedule and additional program details available online 10 weeks before program date, subject to change; check website for updates.

Edgar Cayce said it is our birthright to communicate with our Source. Prayer is you talking to God. Meditation is God talking to you. And Soul Writing is you taking notes!
Additional Info and Schedule
August 12, 2017
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Virginia Beach Headquarters
Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
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Additional Info:
Joanne DiMaggio

Joanne DiMaggio, MA, a graduate of Atlantic University and the Eastern Institute of Hypnotherapy is a writer, lecturer, and teacher who has been actively involved with the A.R.E. since 1987. She is the author of several books and articles including Soul Writing: Conversing With Your Higher Self.