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Hands-on Healing for Pets: Energy Acutherapy and Massage with Dr. Doug Knueven
Part of A.R.E.'s Soul Companions: Animal Communication and Healing Conference
This workshop will teach you a one-of-a-kind therapy that you can use to help your animal companions.
Saturday, March 28, 2020

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The Edgar Cayce readings commonly recommended manual therapies and energy medicine to help individuals maintain or regain health. This workshop will combine these two along with concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine, creating a one-of-a-kind therapy that you can use to help your animal companions. You will learn how to find the most potent acupuncture points on live demo dogs who will be visiting us. Then you will learn how to tap into these points with energy medicine which we will practice on each other. The morning will end with learning massage strokes for calming, healing, and grounding. You will find that your pet’s health is at your fingertips. *

*Not a substitute for Veterinary care.

Price: $27 A.R.E Members, $57 non-members

Watch from the convenience and comfort of your own home via desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even your smart phone, and enjoy this special presentation on-demand at your convenience as well.


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Additional Info and Schedule
March 28, 2020
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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received his veterinary degree from Ohio State University in 1987. He is the medical director at Beaver Animal Clinic in Beaver, Pa. (near Pittsburgh), where he shares duties with two other veterinarians. He has earned certification in veterinary acupuncture, veterinary Chinese herbal medicine, and veterinary chiropractic. He also has advanced training in natural nutrition, massage therapy, and homeopathy. Dr. Doug has been practicing alternative veterinary medicine since 1995. He lectures on the subject at state and national veterinary conferences including the annual AVMA convention and the North American Veterinary Conference, which is the largest veterinary conference in the world. He has written two books on the subject; Standby Me: A Holistic Handbook for Animals, Their People and the Lives They Share Together, and The Holistic Health Guide: Natural Care for the Whole Dog. He also authors the "Holistic Pet Care" column for Venture Inward magazine, available online to A.R.E. members. He is a regular presenter at A.R.E. Conferences in Virginia Beach.