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An Evening with Cayce: A First-Person Portrayal of Edgar Cayce
featuring Peter Woodbury, MSW
If you could ask Edgar Cayce any question, what would that question be?
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If you could ask Edgar Cayce any question, what would that question be?

Enjoy a special “visit” from Edgar Cayce himself, as portrayed in the first person by Peter Woodbury, MSW as he presents “An Evening with Edgar Cayce.” You won't want to miss this incredible event. Both June Bro and TJ Davis, who knew Mr. Cayce well, marvel at the performance and how it felt to them as if they were once again with Mr. Cayce! Gain new insights into the man as Peter takes questions from the audience and brings a message about the auspicious times we are living in. You can even ask him that question you’ve always wanted to ask. A unique, once in a lifetime experience.




On demand access anytime!
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Peter Woodbury, MSW, originator and instructor of A.R.E.’s popular Past Life Regression Hypnosis Certificate Training and Professional Life Coaching Certificate Training, is a graduate of Harvard University and of Boston University School of Social Work, and a former faculty member of Boston University School of Social Work and Atlantic University. Peter has become one of, if not, the most prolific regressionists in the world today. He has conducted approximately 6,000 regressions, between 350 to 400 regressions a year. His work has evolved beyond past life regression into what he calls ‘Soul Contact’.

A student of Cayce material for over 30 years, he is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and life coach, a contributor and columnist for A.R.E.’s member magazine Venture Inward, host of A.R.E.’s Reflections show, and is a popular leader of A.R.E. Tours. Fluent in three languages, he travels the world speaking on behalf of the Edgar Cayce work and is one of their most respected and in-demand presenters.