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The Souls of Animals: Animals and the Afterlife featuring Debbie McGillivray
Join us online for this on-demand conference session featuring animal communicator Debbie McGillivray as she shares insights about the souls of animals and their divine purpose in our lives.
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Animal Communicator Debbie McGillivray shares insights into the souls of animals and their divine purpose in our lives. She will explore connecting with their spirit and their process of passing over—and where they go and what they do on the other side. She’ll share amazing stories of actual cases of animals reincarnating back into our lives, including examples from the Edgar Cayce readings. You’ll be amazed and inspired by the messages of unconditional love and acceptance we receive from the animals in our lives!

Watch from the convenience and comfort of your own home via desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even your smart phone, and enjoy this special presentation on-demand at your convenience as well.

Price: $37 

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is a professional animal communicator and pet intuitive with over 17 years experience. She is author of the books Animal Communication Boot Camp, Untamed Voices, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pet Psychic Communication. Debbie communicates with animals all over the globe and holds workshops to teach people how to access this ability. She believes that we all hold the ability to communicate with our animal friends and is dedicated to opening people’s hearts and minds to this phenomenon.