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Beyond Karma The Difference We Make For The Christ featuring Tom Baker, MDiv, LCSW
Join us online for this on-demand presentation and discover practical ways to become a more spiritual person.
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We often think of the earth as a place we come to simply to work out our karma, then return to our true home in Spirit—yet this is not entirely true. The whole of the story is that most of us come into this incarnation excited about the idealistic changes we will make in the consciousness of planet earth and our role in shaping the future. In his inspiring, often humorous style Tom will explore our soul’s quest to make a difference both in our own soul group and in the larger world picture. Discover practical ways to become a more spiritual person, and a healing influence as you bring love and resolution to long-standing hurts. Celebrate the minds you have changed and hearts you have healed as you accept your role in making the world a better place because you have lived in it.

Approximate Run Time: 2 hour, 40 mins

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An Online Component of our Sacred Journey Conference
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has an exciting and varied background. He grew up with the Edgar Cayce readings, is a student of the Course in Miracles, and served as a Roman Catholic priest and seminary professor until 1990.  His most outstanding work is with love, forgiveness, and living gracefully—or “full of grace.” Known for presentations filled with humor, warmth, depth, and insight, he combines a lifetime of study of the Edgar Cayce readings with A Course in Miracles. He grounds his spiritual quest by continuing to study contemplatively Christian theology and spirituality.