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Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference: Beneath the Sands, Beyond the Stars
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Join Egyptian archaeologist and Egyptologist Dr. Mark Lehner, sacred sites explorer James Vieira, Cayce expert John Van Auken, theorist William Henry, and more as you take a trip across space and time to discover the real truth behind ancient legends, cross-cultural myths, esoteric secrets, and archeological obscurities.
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Don’t Miss This Rare Opportunity to Experience Today’s Most Respected Researchers and Explorers on-demand.

Come uncover the mysteries and wisdom of our earliest civilizations, explore the beauty and wonder of Egypt’s grandest monuments, see the latest discoveries from the field, and examine the influence of the ancient past—and past lives-- on our current lives. Ask that question you’ve always wanted to ask, and travel the globe from the comfort and safety of your own home, on any device.


Ancient Egypt’s Grandeur and History REVEALED!
Renowned Egyptologist and Archaeologist Dr. Mark A. Lehner joins from Egypt and shares his life’s story and his search for the Hall of Records—an amazing journey from exploring the Cayce readings to exploring the Giza Plateau!


Mysterious Connections and Influences DISCOVERED!
Investigative Mythologist and “Ancient Aliens” star William Henry offers a unique new insight in our understanding of the connect between the Atlanteans and the Anunnaki (also called the Watcher angels), and explores why these cultures are so important for us to understand today. Author and theorist James Vieira brings a unique perspective on the ancient gods from around the world whose strikingly similar descriptions can be found in cultures worldwide that had no contact with each other.


Ancient Influences on Current Times EXPLORED!
Researcher and Cayce student Christopher Naughton Esq. brings a fascinating look into how ancient mysticism, contemporary spirituality, atheism and agnosticism, and modern science are aligning in a convergence that may lead to the next great awakening of an American new age.

Your SOUL was there!
Ancient mysteries expert John Van Auken explores the Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecies in light of current events and Cayce teacher and hypnotherapist Cheryl Baer-Bernath, CHt** shares how many renowned authors and theorists drew from their own past life recall to create their most famous works, and shares how your own past lives can influence you today. **Please note: Cheryl will be unable to join us, in her place will be Peter Woodbury MSW and Maia Nikitovich MSW.

Moderated by Peter Woodbury MSW, you will have the opportunity to ask that question you’ve always wanted to ask, and travel the globe from the comfort and safety of your own home, on any device.

Ancient Mysteries Pre-Party and Update for A.R.E. Members, Donors, and Tour Participants
Traditionally during our Ancient Mysteries event we hold a beautiful reception for our Golden Circle donors, members of the Edgar Cayce Legacy Society, and travelers from our A.R.E. Tours program. COVID may have prevented us from gathering in person this year, but we invite you grab a glass of wine and join A.R.E.’s CEO Kevin Todeschi and Director of Philanthropy Patrick Belisle for a joy-filled Virtual Happy Hour! You’ll hear updates on all of your favorite A.R.E. program area, learn how your donations are helping to change lives, and hear A.R.E.’s plans for the future – including descriptions of each of next year’s tantalizing tours!

All Roads Lead to Enlightenment and the A.R.E.!

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Additional Info and Schedule
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Conference Registrar

is Director and President of Ancient Egypt Research Associates, Inc. (AERA) who received his PhD in Egyptology from Yale University. His nearly forty years of archaeological research in Egypt includes mapping the Great Sphinx and discovering a major part of the ‘Lost City of the Pyramids’ at Giza. Lehner directs the Giza Plateau Mapping Project (GPMP), which conducts annual excavations of Old Kingdom settlements near the Sphinx and Pyramids with an interdisciplinary and international team of archaeologists, geochronologists, botanists, and faunal specialists. A former Assistant Professor of Egyptian Archaeology at the University of Chicago, he is now a Research Associate at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and a Senior Fellow at the Capitol Archaeology Institute of George Washington University. Lehner appeared on numerous programs including NOVA’s Riddles of the Sphinx, and is author of The Complete Pyramids and many academic articles for publications like National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Archaeology.


is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation, and ascension. He has a unique ability to incorporate historical, religious, spiritual, scientific, archaeological and other forms of such knowledge into factually-based theories and conclusions that provide the layperson with a more in-depth understanding of the profound shift we are actually experiencing in our lifetime. He is the spiritual voice and consulting producer of the global hit History Channel program, Ancient Aliens, with over 30 years of research distilled into 18 books and numerous presentations.


John Van Auken is an internationally renowned speaker, a long-time A.R.E. staff member, a current director at A.R.E, and a popular leader of A.R.E.’s tours to sacred sites around the world. He is the author of numerous bestselling books including Edgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces Within You, Angels, Fairies, Demons, & the Elementals, and is co-author of his most recent, Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious Essenes: Lessons from Our Sacred Past. His extensive knowledge of the Edgar Cayce readings, the Bible, ancient Egypt mysticism, world religions, and Christ Consciousness make him a popular and authoritative teacher.

To view John's upcoming schedule of events, visit our events search page for "John Van Auken." 



Jim Vieira is a writer, author and host of History Channel shows Search for the Lost Giants (2014) Roanoke: Search for the Lost Colony (2015) and Roanoke: Search for the Survivors (2016). Jim has investigated worldwide ancient stone sites, global indigenous oral traditions, the readings of the great clairvoyants and the literature of secret societies to form an alternative theory regarding the origins of civilization. Stunning similarities in ancient construction, iconography, symbolism and spiritual practices have lead Jim to the inescapable conclusion that an ancient pre-ice age mother culture seems to have been a probability.


Christopher Naughton, a longtime student of the Cayce readings who also attended Regent University, is a former New Jersey prosecutor and trial attorney and five-time Emmy Award-winning producer and host of PBS’ The American Law Journal. He will share never-before discussed insights and stories in this, his first-ever public appearance at Congress.

Peter Woodbury Plain background.png

Peter Woodbury, MSW, originator and instructor of A.R.E.’s popular Past Life Regression Hypnosis Certificate Training and Professional Life Coaching Certificate Training, is a graduate of Harvard University and of Boston University School of Social Work, and a former faculty member of Boston University School of Social Work and Atlantic University. Peter has become one of, if not, the most prolific regressionists in the world today. He has conducted approximately 6,000 regressions, between 350 to 400 regressions a year. His work has evolved beyond past life regression into what he calls ‘Soul Contact’.

A student of Cayce material for over 30 years, he is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and life coach, a contributor and columnist for A.R.E.’s member magazine Venture Inward, host of A.R.E.’s Reflections show, and is a popular leader of A.R.E. Tours. Fluent in three languages, he travels the world speaking on behalf of the Edgar Cayce work and is one of their most respected and in-demand presenters.


Maia Nikitovich.jpg

Maia Nikitovich, MSW is a social worker and life coach working in Virginia Beach. She has been a student of the Edgar Cayce Readings since she was a child, and is passionate about sharing this life-changing material with others.  In addition to her coaching practice, she is a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (QHHT) in Virginia Beach, a renowned form of hypnosis and past-life regression created by Dolores Cannon. In recent years, she's been helping people find love and connection as a professional matchmaker.