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Bundle of SIX Presentations! THE WAY HOME: The Journey of Our Souls Through Rebirth, Life, and Afterlife
Reincarnation and Soul Life Summit
Don’t miss this inspiring, enlightening event! You will leave with the tools of inner peace and resolution that come from understanding your soul’s journey and what it means for you today.
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While life on earth is bound by time, life on the other side is as timeless and infinite as our soul. On the other side, we are able to move beyond our limited five earthly senses as we spiritually evolve ever forward to find our way Home. 

The Cayce readings indicate that life and death are one continuous experience, and that “stepping through God’s other door” doesn’t stop the interplay between the two worlds. During this inspiring event, we will explore the soul’s journey in all its facets as we learn that death is nothing to fear, but is part and parcel of our life’s continuous spiritual journey.

Lessons Learned from Near-Death
Join us as we explore neurosurgeon and Proof of Heaven author Dr. Eben Alexander’s profound near death experience and what he learned while he was plunged into the deepest realms of consciousness, as he shares the next phase of his journey: to understand the true origins of consciousness and uncover ways to cultivate a state of harmony with the universe and our higher purpose. Karen Newell, co-founder of “Sacred Acoustics,” will guide you through a special meditation designed to create an expansive internal state, allowing you to access intuition, manifest healing, find creative inspiration, and obtain spiritual guidance.

Our Soul's Incarnations and Life In Between
Special guest Corinne Cayce, MA helps us understand the stages of grief and how grief never really leaves us, but evolves with us over time. Psychotherapist and regressionist Peter Woodbury, MSW explores the cycle of karma and grace from the Edgar Cayce readings and takes you on a guided group past-life regression for soul healing. And in a unique presentation, world-renowned ghostbuster, healer, and psychic Echo Bodine will share fascinating true ghost stories and explore the reasons why some souls choose to be earth-bound—and how you can prevent this from happening to you!

Messages of Love and Hope
Some that have crossed over remain to provide support and guidance to those still on earth, through afterlife communication. John Van Auken shares Edgar Cayce’s insights into afterlife communication—including tips he gave to help YOU connect with loved ones who have crossed over. And, angel messenger Karen Paolino will teach you powerful alignment techniques that simplify connection to your own Divinity that can also help you connect and communicate in oneness with your angels, guides, and loved ones in spirit.

Experience the wisdom and comfort we can receive from those who have crossed over and learn how these glimpses of beyond provide us with reason to believe that life is eternal and love is everlasting, and celebrate the boundless nature of the human soul! 



Watch Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell's interview for our show Reflections: The Wisdom of Edgar Cayce and get a preview of what they will be discussing during their presentation. 

Presentations Include: 

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You will leave with the tools of inner peace and resolution that come from understanding your soul's journey and what it means for you today.
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Eben Alexander III MD: After decades as a physician and teacher at Harvard Medical School and elsewhere, renowned academic neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander thought he knew how the brain, mind, and consciousness worked. A transcendental Near-Death Experience (NDE) during a week-long coma from an inexplicable brain infection changed all of that – completely. Memories of his life had been completely deleted, yet he awoke with memories of a fantastic odyssey deep into another realm – more real than this earthly one! Since his 2008 NDE he has been reconciling his rich spiritual experience with contemporary physics and cosmology. We are conscious in spite of our brain. By probing deeply into our own consciousness, we transcend the limits of the human brain, and of the physical-material realm. His story offers a crucial key to the understanding of reality and human consciousness. A pioneering scientist and thought leader in consciousness studies, Dr. Alexander has been a guest on Dr. Oz, Oprah, and many other media programs. His most recent book, Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Heart of Consciousness, (co-authored with Karen Newell) has garnered accolades from many scientists around the world who study the mind-body question and the nature of consciousness. His earlier books, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife and The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife, have collectively spent more than two years atop the New York Times and international bestseller lists.

Karen Newell: Karen Newell has spent a lifetime seeking wisdom through esoteric teachings and firsthand experience exploring realms of consciousness. She empowers others by demonstrating how to connect to inner guidance, achieve inspiration, improve wellness and develop intuition. She is co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, and co-author with Dr. Eben Alexander of Living in a Mindful Universe.


the author of more than ten books including What Happens When We Die, was born with psychic abilities and the gift of healing, which include clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (sensing), and clairgustance (smell). A long-time teacher of psychic development and spiritual healing, she has appeared on numerous national television shows including NBC’s Today Show and A&E’s Encounters, and she hosted her own cable TV show, New Age Perspectives. Echo is the director of The Center for Spiritual Development where she teaches classes on spiritual development, living by intuition, ghost busting, and laying on hands healing classes.


A great granddaughter of Edgar Cayce, Corinne Cayce was raised on material from the Cayce readings and has continued to study and apply the readings as the core of her spiritual path.  The sudden and unexpected death of her father, Charles Thomas Cayce, in 2016, pushed her to explore more deeply the readings related to death and loss.  Corinne is a speaker and writer for the A.R.E. and a life coach who focuses on helping clients incorporate material from Cayce readings into their daily lives.  She has a Master's degree in leadership from Naropa University and lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains outside Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband and two children. 


John Van Auken is an internationally renowned speaker, a long-time A.R.E. staff member, a current director at A.R.E, and a popular leader of A.R.E.’s tours to sacred sites around the world. He is the author of numerous bestselling books including Edgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces Within You, Angels, Fairies, Demons, & the Elementals, and is co-author of his most recent, Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious Essenes: Lessons from Our Sacred Past. His extensive knowledge of the Edgar Cayce readings, the Bible, ancient Egypt mysticism, world religions, and Christ Consciousness make him a popular and authoritative teacher.

To view John's upcoming schedule of events, visit our events search page for "John Van Auken." 


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Peter Woodbury, MSW, originator and instructor of A.R.E.’s popular Past Life Regression Hypnosis Certificate Training and Professional Life Coaching Certificate Training, is a graduate of Harvard University and of Boston University School of Social Work, and a former faculty member of Boston University School of Social Work and Atlantic University. Peter has become one of, if not, the most prolific regressionists in the world today. He has conducted approximately 6,000 regressions, between 350 to 400 regressions a year. His work has evolved beyond past life regression into what he calls ‘Soul Contact’.

A student of Cayce material for over 30 years, he is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and life coach, a contributor and columnist for A.R.E.’s member magazine Venture Inward, host of A.R.E.’s Reflections show, and is a popular leader of A.R.E. Tours. Fluent in three languages, he travels the world speaking on behalf of the Edgar Cayce work and is one of their most respected and in-demand presenters.



A renowned angel intuitive, soul medium, trainer, and author Karen Paolino has been dubbed “the real deal”. She is the author of several books including 101 Ways to Meet Your Angels and Everything Guide to Angels. She has combined her certifications in hypnotherapy, mediumship, and her work as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® to develop innovative training programs including her Angel Messenger Certification courses. For over two decades, Karen has helped thousands of people around the world heal, connect and rediscover their divine. Entertaining, deeply compassionate and highly gifted intuitive, Karen offers her audience and her clients the opportunity for experiential play, deep healing and radical awakenings