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Contemporary Cayce of Canada Spring Symposium
This will be an All-day Event with Speakers on 'Your 'Ideal Life' with Antonia Lau, plus 'God's Other Door: The Continuity of Life' with Jon Shatat
A locally sponsored event sponsored by Contemporary Cayce of Canada
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Sunday, May 17, 2020
Ajax , ON

Your Ideal Life
Cayce gave of so many brilliant concepts to not only improve the quality of our lives.  When utilized you can reach your highest soul growth, clear less than stellar qualities that retard one's soul growth, achieve your Life's Purpose ...AND leave the world better than when you came.  Learn how to easily apply this live 'Your Ideal Life.'

God's Other Door: The Continuity of Life
In describing life and death, Edgar Cayce said, “The passing in, the passing out, is as but the summer, the fall, the spring; the birth into the interim, the birth into the material.” The readings state that death is only a transition called “God’s other door.”  We will look at death, what happens to us when we birth into the spiritual, the planes of existence on the other side, and also some of the laws that cover reincarnation, as we go from the spiritual back into the material, a process that continues until the Day of Judgement. 

**Lunch is Included at the event.  MUST RSVP by April 28th

For more information or to register, contact: Teresa Wascowitz, Registrar.  



Reach your highest soul growth!
Additional Info and Schedule
May 17, 2020
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Greenwood Discovery Pavilion
2290 Greenwood Rd.
Ajax, ON L1T 4S4
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Teresa Wascowitz

Antonia Lau has spent her entire lifetime, in the service of others, through her intense Metaphysical & Spiritual Study, Practice and Research and Teaching.  She has been a student of and researched the Cayce material since 1982, and continues to utilize his vast works as a foundation for her work to share with others worldwide.  She is also and Ordained Minister and a Shaman, as well as a highly respected Professional Psychic, and teaches a specialized Quantum Bio-Resonance Healing Technique.  She hosts the Award Winning Radio Talk Show, ‘Beyond the Here and Now’ as a method of teaching a Spiritual Focus in all we do.

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Jon Shatat is from Ottawa Canada and has been studying the Edgar Cayce readings for more than 25 years. He is a graduate of the Cayce Reilly School of Massage, a Cayce trained Life Coach and is a past life regressionist. He has lectured at conferences with a focus on Oneness, Healing, God’s Other Door and the Universal Laws. He has traveled extensively across the US, Canada, the Middle East and Asia.  As a volunteer for the Edgar Cayce foundation, he has had the privilege of interviewing people who had readings from Edgar Cayce.