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Edgar Cayce on the Power of Your Mind with Corinne Cayce in Dallas, TX
Four Simple Tools to Transform your Life
Learn to release old habits and break the chains of fear and doubt that hold you back from your ideal life!
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Sunday, January 27, 2019
Dallas , TX

At the intersection of core ideas from the Edgar Cayce readings, age-old Buddhist wisdom, and current neurobiological research is a wealth of insights and tools for manifesting your soul’s destiny and living each day with meaning, purpose, and inner peace.  

Corinne’s lifetime of first-hand experience growing up in the Cayce family makes her uniquely fitted to combine Edgar Cayce’s wisdom with other important spiritual traditions for a day filled with inspiration, awareness, and understanding. You are not a feather in the wind—you have the power to create the kind of future you may have previously only dreamt of, and this program will show you how.

In this experiential workshop, you will learn:

• How to listen to that still, small voice within us amidst the daily hustle of our busy lives

• How to cultivate peace, clarity, compassion, calmness, and joy in the midst of stress and confusion 

• Strategies for living each day in greater alignment with your personal strengths

Both contemporary and timeless, this cutting-edge program will give you new keys to increasing mindfulness, loving wholeheartedly, acting courageously, and feeling joyfully alive. With a mixture of lecture, storytelling, exercises, and group practices, the day will focus on the applicability and inspiration the Cayce readings can offer for daily life. You will also experience meditations and visioning exercises, techniques for growing healthy relationships, and practices for increasing emotional intelligence.

Registration:  At-door registration/book tables open at 8:45 a.m. 
Meal Break:  Noon to 1:30 p.m. (Restaurants within walking and driving distance)
Financial Assistance: A limited number of partial scholarships are available for most programs. Contact A.R.E. Customer service for details.

Come spend a day getting to better know yourself— to be yourself, and yet be at one with the whole.
Additional Info and Schedule
January 27, 2019
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Juliette Fowler Communities
1234 Abrams Road
Dallas, TX 75214
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A great granddaughter of Edgar Cayce, Corinne Cayce was raised on material from the Cayce readings and has continued to study and apply the readings as the core of her spiritual path.  The sudden and unexpected death of her father, Charles Thomas Cayce, in 2016, pushed her to explore more deeply the readings related to death and loss.  Corinne is a speaker and writer for the A.R.E. and a life coach who focuses on helpline clients incorporate material from Cayce readings into their daily lives.  She has a Master's degree in leadership from Naropa University and lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains outside Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband and two children.