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Bring a Conference to Your City
By Helping Us Host a Conference!
Would you like to see speakers like John Van Auken, Peter Woodbury, or Corinne Cayce in your home town? If you would like to volunteer to help us host a conference, please contact us.
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Dear Friend,

Thank you for expressing an interest in hosting an A.R.E. Headquarters-sponsored program in your area! We are excited at the possibility of having you on our team.

Below you will find a pdf that contains an overview of what a local program team host does. After reviewing this, feel free to contact our Field Conferences Department through Customer Service (800-333-4499; to take the next step.

Note: All local program team members must have access to email and check it on a regular basis, as this is the primary method of communication, backed up by phone calls when necessary. You will also need access to a printer for printing important materials relevant to the program.

All contacts, program hosts, and local teams are considered volunteers.

All revenue generated by tuition/admission goes directly to HQ to support future programs. Revenue generated by book and product sales can be retained by the local team to support their own future activities, or it can be donated back to the Conferences Department to help offset expenses and provide scholarships for those who cannot afford full conference fees.

Thanks for making our Field Conference programming possible!

Yours in Service,

The Headquarters and Field Conferences Team


Thanks for making our Field Conference programming possible!
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