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Anne Avidon

Anne Avidon has a degree in clinical psychology and a master’s degree in business. While working as a Vice Consul and Head of Global Health Innovation for the British Government, she attended a class on Radionics taught by clairvoyant and educator, Ellen Tadd using a methodology created by Tom Bartlett. Tom practiced holistic medicine through the medium of the pendulum and homeopathic medicine – a science known as medical radiesthesia.

Several years later, Anne learned that Edgar Cayce had produced a body of work on Radionics/Etheronics, and incorporated this material into her own Radionics practice. At the end of 2016 she left the British Government and decided to pursue this work full time, combining the Edgar Cayce readings with Tom Bartlett’s methodology and her own treatment protocols. She now devotes her time to teaching people how they can use this tool to improve the quality of their lives in immeasurable ways.