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Bernadette Kristaponis

Always a multi-focused being, Bernadette has been involved with healing for her entire life, in one form or another.  A Reiki Master (Practitioner and Teacher) since 2008 (traditional and non-traditional training), she has used hands-on energy healing in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, as well as world over through distance healing practices.  Bernadette is attuned also in Arolo Tifar, a more physical aspect of Reiki, since 2011; as well as being attuned in other esoteric aspects of Reiki.  Some people are Yogis, Bernadette is a non-traditional Reiki.

Events by Bernadette Kristaponis :

Recurs every Third Thursday of the Month
3:00 PM
EVENT POSTPONED. PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES. Join us on the third Thursday of the month for deep relaxation. This event is open to the public. Read More