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Carol Sue Janes

Carol Sue Janes is a decades-long student of the Cayce readings from Seattle, A.R.E. Venture Inward contributor, and a frequent traveler to China.  Her adopted daughter was born in China.  As the author of Edgar Cayce on the Mysteries of China and Asia, she has given popular presentations on this topic from Shanghai to Seattle.  She is excited to explore the mysterious ancient past of Asia, review recent discoveries from the field, examine the influence of the ancient past on our current culture, and offer new insights regarding predictions for Asia’s future.  With degrees in history and in law, she is a practicing attorney, regularly selected for the Washington State Super Lawyers list, and was also named best female vocalist at an international music festival.  

Events by Carol Sue Janes:

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Rarely-explored insights and revelations into the mysteries of ancient China and Asia as viewed through the unique lens of the Cayce readings. Read More