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Christopher Fazel, MDiv and Sharon James Fazel. MDiv

Christopher and Sharon Fazel have worked together on projects and careers pretty much since the moment they met in a Professional Actor Training Program “ages ago.”  That took them to Houston, to New York City, then to Los Angeles, where they discovered and became active in their first Search for God Study Group. 

Moving on from the professional theatre world, they relocated to Virginia Beach, Va. Chris, who was first exposed to the Edgar Cayce material in high school, worked in the Study Group department; Sharon worked in the Conferences division. Together, Chris and Sharon produced Triune, a musical collection of Chris’s original songs. 

Before departing Virginia for Minnesota seven years later (1989), Chris co-wrote with Mark Thurston The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Creating Your Future, wrote a few A.R.E. courses, and has authored several Venture Inward articles.  Sharon planned and facilitated conferences, recorded A.R.E. courses, and later left the employ of A.R.E. to teach in the theatre department of Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, Va. 

Now retired from their most recent profession as ordained co-equal pastors in a UNITED Church of Christ (UCC) congregation, they have “come home” to Virginia Beach, and to A.R.E.  Chris’s most recent article for Venture Inward appears in the first issue of 2019.

Events by Christopher Fazel, MDiv and Sharon James Fazel. MDiv:

May 31 - June 9, 2020
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