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Corinne Cayce and Jesse Luckett

Corinne Cayce
A great-granddaughter of Edgar Cayce, Corinne Cayce was raised on material from the Cayce readings and has continued to study and apply the readings as the core of her spiritual path. Corinne is a speaker and writer for the A.R.E. and a holistic life coach. Through her life-coaching practice, Corinne draws on ideas from the readings to support her clients in bringing fresh meaning, purpose, and joy into daily life. She has a Master’s degree in leadership from Naropa University and lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains outside Charlottesville, Va., with her husband Jesse and two children.

Jesse Luckett
Jesse Luckett is a family therapist, Buddhist practitioner, and meditation instructor. He has been a practicing Buddhist in the Shambhala lineage for 15 years. His therapeutic approach is influenced by his passion for incorporating spirituality-- particularly mindfulness meditation--into everyday life. Jesse focuses on working with individuals and couples to transform their life challenges into opportunities for healing and growth. Jesse has been coming to A.R.E. Camp for his whole life; he met his wife Corinne there and looks forward to many happy summers returning with their children.

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