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Gregg Unterberger, MEd, LPC

is a former adjunct faculty member in Psychology at Texas State University and currently a psychotherapist in private. He is the author of The Quickening: Leaping Ahead on Your Spiritual Journey and the developer of Spiritual Activation and Transpersonal Breathwork, two cutting-edge techniques that make transcendent, mystical states of consciousness available to everyday people. Unterberger is trained and certified by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of the best-selling Many Lives, Many Masters in Past Life Regression. Gregg is known for his ability to rapidly catalyze spiritual transformation and his use of humor and lively metaphor to simplify complex spiritual truths.

“There are three things I noticed about Gregg. This man has a great passion for God, he truly is in love with the Divine… The second thing I noticed about Gregg is he loves human beings. He is a person I would trust with anything that was going on in my life. The third thing I noticed about Gregg is he is one smart dude: a deeply wise man, a humble man, and a brilliant man.” Andrew Harvey, Global Mystic, Author of The Hope Founder and Director of the Institute for Sacred Activism