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Jeff Armstrong

Jeff Armstrong is a Co-Founder of Mindful Communications (MC).  MC was born about five years ago, when Jeff decided to explore “mindfulness” as a tool to help him improve how he was feeling.  After discovering the practical benefits (increased energy, more focus, improved resilience and compassion), he became very passionate about the science of what The Institute of HeartMath calls “coherence” and how it can have a positive impact on our brain, body and life. 

Jeff teaches simple, highly-effective, evidence-based techniques to calm reactive emotions, neutralize stress, and create more resilience & flow.  He also teaches how to integrate this knowledge into your day, for maximum personal and professional effectiveness. Jeff is a HeartMath trainer, certified in the science of building resilience and creating flow. 

Should you be motivated to “prime your pump” on this subject prior to attending the workshop, he recommends reading the book, Heart Intelligence!