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About Pathways to Integration

The world has never had greater need for awakened, spiritually growing people. Edgar Cayce’s readings made it clear that in times of both opportunity and crisis in world and national affairs, it would be the spiritual consciousness of individuals and their ability to act from it that would ultimately shape our world. This is one of the reasons that A.R.E. has been committed to the nurturing of spiritual growth since its founding in 1931.

Today, A.R.E.’s Tarsia Center is dedicated to personalized, in-depth programs that facilitate growth and healing for the sake of the participants and the world they impact. We have recently completed a very successful Journey to Wholeness and Integrative Growth with a small group who dedicated themselves to a 12-month immersion in transformative practices. Now we are ready to offer the Journey’s practices in an alternate format that may be more accessible to those who are equally committed to growth, but do not have the time or the financial ability to take on a year-long intensive. This new program, called Pathways to Integration, is based on the same “advanced spiritual consciousness curriculum” that drew these comments from Journey participants:

“This program has proven to be one of the most significant and life affirming choices I have ever made… [providing] a strong supporting structure to actually dig in and do the hard work required for true personal transformation… I am forever grateful!” -- J.H.

It went beyond my expectations and helped me grow in ways I could not have anticipated.” -- A.L.

It is difficult to say what was the best because all of it was excellent. I like that the course was very well organized and structured, the diversity of the material and practices covered, the expertise of the instructors, the connection to and support from the other group members, on-site retreats with discussions, practices, informal interactions, guest speakers, monthly coaching and group sessions.” -- I.K.

I am impressed with the quality and variety of materials... With less emotional baggage, with more clarity on energies and with the support of a cohesive group, I am now ready to travel onward.” -- H.M.

Using the same themes and approaches that made the Journey so effective, Pathways to Integration will allow you to take a single, four-month module as a stand-alone program in mentored growth or go through the entire series over time. Each module will be devoted to a different topical area of growth and provide in-depth study and application.