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About the Tarsia Center

Cassina “Cassie” Tarsia of Oceanside, California, a longtime A.R.E. member and dedicated student of the Cayce information, has made the creation of a new healing center within A.R.E. possible with a generous $1 million donation. The Tarsia Center is dedicated to the healing of individuals and the awakening of deeper spiritual consciousness in the world.

In addition to promoting personal growth and transformation, one purpose of the Tarsia Center is to create a modern-day “Temple of Initiation,” which will enable individuals to experience personal processing of old imprints on the soul’s memory and expand consciousness toward Oneness with God. A staunch advocate of personal and emotional healing, Cassie Tarsia describes the importance of processing, as follows:

“’Processing’ is the allowing of the opening of the heart and soul to the held energies that lie within. It is the core of what is necessary to release the held emotions from both the soul and the heart. It requires simply that you are ready and have the memories of the past lifetimes (or present life traumas). In my experience, it usually takes some deeply touching heart-feeling music … while sitting in a chair with the eyes closed, in a meditative state, allowing the opening from within as the emotions are touched by the resonance from the music as it begins to open the heart and soul. Then comes the awareness within by the person, identifying where the energy is coming from, as the processing begins, and given that it is allowed by the inner being. After having completed the final processing, there may come the opportunity to correct the judgments and misunderstandings in the personality. There are also other types of work with processing that may be utilized when the people involved with facilitating such work have become proficient in their knowing of just how to do these things.”

The ideal of the Tarsia Center is to create of a state of oneness with the Creative Forces by awakening the heart and soul forces, connecting with the whole, and attaining harmony of being.

We are grateful for Cassie’s gift, her vision, and the deep love that inspires her to contribute to others’ growth and healing.