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Pathways to Integration: Module I
Keys to Emergent Awakening
September 27, 2017 - January 6, 2018
A four-month spiritual mentorship program led by Eileen Malo and Lynn Sparrow Christy. Registration is limited to 12 participants per module!
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September 27, 2017 - January 6, 2018
Virginia Beach , VA


Keys to Emergent Awakening will begin with a retreat in Virginia Beach, from Sept. 27 - Oct. 1, 2017, and will end on January 6, 2018 (taking the month of December off for the holidays). During this time you will:

  • Attend a live retreat to introduce core concepts and practices as well as establish bonds among participants. The live retreat includes:
    • A welcome dinner, morning breakfasts, and daily lunches while in Virginia Beach (other dinners while in Virginia Beach not included).
  • Written and audio materials as well as pertinent links to online resources will be provided.
  • Receive monthly group teleseminars with both Eileen and Lynn for the three months after the start-up retreat (Sat. Oct. 28, Sat. Nov. 18., and Sat. Jan. 6)
  • Private coaching dates with the mentors will be chosen after registration based on your input with your mentors.
  • Work with a partner/fellow participant for mutually beneficial support and accountability

Your program module will mentor you through the following materials:

Discovering Your Hidden Blueprint

  • Moving Into Uncertainty: Allowing Yourself to be Pulled to the Edge of Your Potential for Growth: Sometimes the greatest obstacle to our growth and healing is what we already know -- or think we know! Keys to Emergent Awakening challenges you to push yourself to the edge and see what happens when you open yourself to the uncertainty of “not-knowing.”
  • Discerning the Unconscious Influences on Your Values: If we want to find the unconscious blueprint for what motivates us and what gets in the way of our living life the way we really want to, our unconsciously-held values are a great place to start. While the word values can be negatively charged with connotations of people trying to force their standards on others, values as referred to here are simply those things that are personally important to us. When our values are clear and well aligned with our central Ideal in life, they become a powerful engine for growth. It only gets complicated when our conscious and unconscious values are not the same! Sometimes we are caught between what we think should be important to us and what our daily actions and priorities say about what’s really important to us. For example, we say we want to meditate, but somehow never find the time for it. Or sometimes we find ourselves struggling between two values of equal importance to us that seem to be cancelling each other out. For instance: “How can I give both my family and my spiritual life the attention they need?” Finally, we may be holding negative values at the unconscious level that are based on old fears or wounds. Then, we attract to ourselves exactly what we don’t want. During this module, you will do an in-depth values elicitation process that will help identify your deeply-held priorities as well as those places where unconscious conflicts may be placing limitations on your growth.
  • Learning to recognize your patterns: What are you continually re-creating with your patterns of thought, assumption, emotion and behavior? How much of this are you even aware of? What shifts inside you when you learn to be a better observer of yourself?

Cultivating the Consciousness of Oneness

  • Connection with the Divine. When we talk about connection to the Divine, who or what are we connecting with? How does our understanding of who or what God or Spirit is affect the way we nurture our connection? How ready are you to allow your concept of the divine to expand enough to make a bigger space to hold your growth?
  • Internal Alignment with Your Deep Spiritual Impulse: The “Secret” Power of the Ideal: As you probably know, Edgar Cayce placed supreme value on the setting of a spiritual ideal, saying that “the most important experience of this or of any individual is to first know what is the ideal, spiritually.” (357-13) In Keys to Emergent Awakening you will explore Edgar Cayce’s distinctive take on what an ideal is and why it is important. Then you will go on to look at the intersection between the values work you have already done and your spiritual ideal.
  • Alignment with the Divine Pattern of Creation: Day and night. Active and passive. Work and rest. Doing and being. Karma and Grace. Effort and Surrender. These are just a few expressions of the divine dynamic that brings forth manifestation from the mysterious, unmanifest Source of all things. You will learn to embrace this same dynamic at play within you as you choose to consciously align with your deepest impulses to heal, grow, and evolve.
  • Alignment with the Group: Your work will be done in concert with the energy flow enabled by a small group dedicated to a shared commitment to growth. In Eastern thought this is called a “sangha,” a place where your growth will be nurtured in the protected space of a small group – your group — where you are known and cared for deeply. You will also find a path of service within the group, as you become a presence of safety and healing for others. It has been well said that “the next Buddha will be a sangha.” Keys to Emergent Growth is designed around the idea that the higher stages of growth are a “we” state: it just cannot be done by an individual in a solo effort.  


Additional Information about Keys to Emergent Awakening:

  • The program is limited to the first 12 participants.
  • The live retreat includes:
    • A welcome dinner, morning breakfasts, and daily lunches while in Virginia Beach (other dinners while in Virginia Beach not included).
  • You will receive monthly telephone coaching sessions with your mentors.
  • You will participate in three monthly teleconferences.
    • Written and audio materials as well as pertinent links to online resources will be provided.

NOTE: Additional costs for each participant will include:

  • Travel and accommodation’s expenses for the live retreat (this to occur during non-peak season; e.g., cheaper rates), including most dinners.
  • Any personal A.R.E Health Center & Spa therapy appointments while in Virginia Beach.

Registration cost $2,000. A.R.E. Membership is required.
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Discovering Your Hidden Blueprint and Cultivating the Consciousness of Oneness
Additional Info and Schedule
September 27, 2017 - January 6, 2018
Virginia Beach Headquarters
Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
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Eileen Malo, Mentor

Eileen Malo is the founder of Emerging Edge L.L.C., a coaching and consulting firm that specializes in the areas of Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Consciousness Development and Spiritual Guidance. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Edinboro University and a Masters in Health Administration from the University of Pittsburgh and has completed studies at Georgetown University where she received her certification in Leadership Coaching.  She is also a Certified Spiritual Director.

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Lynn Sparrow Christy, Mentor

Lynn Sparrow Christy has been working in the field of spiritual growth and personal healing for her entire adult life. This work has been shaped by a deep connection to spirituality during childhood that led her through traditional Christian faith to the barrier-shattering work of Edgar Cayce and on to the leading edge thinking that characterizes the contemporary integral/evolutionary movement. Along the way, she has developed an eclectic career as a writer, conference speaker, hypnotherapist-life coach, minister, and trainer.