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2020’s Enlightenment Series: Monthly Practices for Your Soul


For the year of 2020, you are about to embark on an adventure for your soul as you delve into enlightening thoughts from psychic Edgar Cayce’s readings on the topic of How and Why Reincarnation Occurs. 

As part of your membership benefits for 2020, each month you will find a freshly created lesson and video to help you develop a fuller understand of how your soul travels through lifetimes in an effort to gain soul growth. You’ll learn about karma, grace, soul groups, activities in-between lifetimes, biological influences from past lives, and how to remember your past lives.

Cayce taught that we're bigger than this one present experience, for we are actually culmination of many experiences prior to this life, and their influences are affecting our circumstances and relationships today. Each month you’ll also find a brief blog on these topics with updates on current research and events relating to our growing understanding of the body-mind-soul connection.

Material from 2019's monthly lessons will remain accessible throughout 2020 as well. (The focus in 2019 was Discovering Your Soul's Purpose).