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Announcing 2019’s Enlightenment Series: Monthly Practices for Your Soul

For the year of 2019, you are about to embark on an adventure for your soul as you delve into enlightening thoughts from psychic Edgar Cayce’s readings of the Book of Life on the topic of Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose.

According to the Edgar Cayce philosophy, each person living on the earth is here for a specific purpose of your soul; a purpose that no one else can fulfill. While for some people, their purpose might be directly related to a profession or vocation, for others it could simply be a particular way of living day by day. Finding and then understanding and living your soul’s purpose is actually a life-long process. As your knowledge grows and deepens, you will find greater and greater opportunities for fulfilling your life’s mission.

Material from 2018's monthly lessons will remain accessible throughout 2019 as well. (The focus in 2018 was on a theme from 12 Lessons in Personal Spirituality based on the A Search for God material).


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