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Discover a Depth to Yourself that Makes Life More Meaningful

Edgar Cayce founded A.R.E. 85 years ago with the purpose of helping people to transform their lives for the better.

Join a community of people who are striving to do as Cayce suggested, and "Make the world a better place, because you live in it."

America's most amazing seer, Edgar Cayce, and the organization that grew from those early beginnings, provides tools for personal development and spiritual growth within a community of like-minded individuals.

Join with us and thousands of others on this great soul journey and we'll send you a free personalized gift. You can choose between our Astrological Forecast or our Numerology Forecast (a $24.95 value). You'll also help us reach and support others seeking physical, mental, and spiritual help.

We promote the oneness of God, the spiritual nature of humankind, the purposefulness of life, and the connection of body, mind and spirit.

Choose One of These Personalized Forecasts as Your Free Gift:

Personalized Numerology Forecast   Personalize Astrological Forecast
Our 12-Month Numerology Profile is our most detailed numerology report yet. A carefully plotted forecast of how the numbers affect the next year will help you plan ahead for any social and financial challenges. 


Valued at $24.95

The Astrological Forecast gives you insight into upcoming astrological influences, plus a clear listing and interpretation of some of the cosmic forces influencing your immediate future.


Valued at $24.95

A.R.E. Members Enjoy

  • Complete access to all of Edgar Cayce's 14,000+ readings in a searchable online database.
  • Quarterly Venture Inward magazine explores issues of body, mind, and spirit (download a sample PDF).
  • Cayce Quarterly newsletter with interactive Member Experiments to try at home.
  • New for 2018: Enlightenment Series with video and downloadable lesson plans in the Member-Only section.
  • Exclusive bonus online audio and video materials from recent events and from the archives.
  • A 20% discount on A.R.E Press / 4th Dimension Press books, DVDs, CDs, and astrology charts at
  • Special discount pricing on A.R.E. programs and services to include conferences, spa, camp, and tours.
  • Member dues are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by I.R.S. code.