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Special Membership Offer Just For You!

Become a Life Member today and save $250! Plus receive three DVDs and the book, Edgar Cayce Thoughts for the Day, as our gift to you. 


We all want our lives to be meaningful. We want to fulfill our life’s purpose and help others. These are major reasons why so many choose to be a part of the work of Edgar Cayce, and A.R.E. Membership is the best way for you to invest in your soul and explore topics of spirituality, personal development, and overcoming life challenges. 

An A.R.E. Life Membership is the best way to stay in touch with the life-changing material found in the Cayce readings--plus, it's the most significant way you can impact the world; by living the mission to provide profound personal change in body, mind, and spirit with Cayce's wisdom.



Raising the Inner Light DVD
Featuring John Van Auken
Cayce expert John Van Auken offers practices for expanding your consciousness to “raise your inner light,” in this conference presentation. 90 minutes. Yours free when you renew at two years or the Life Member level.

Ideals, Intuition, and Guidance DVD
Featuring Mark Thurston, PhD
Cayce scholar Mark Thurston will help you gain insights for deepening your connection with your spiritual center in this conference presentation. 120 minutes. Yours free when you renew at two years or the Life Member level.

An Evening with Edgar Cayce DVD
Featuring Peter Woodbury, MSW
Enjoy a very special “visit” from Edgar Cayce himself, as portrayed by Peter Woodbury, in “An Evening with Edgar Cayce.” Includes a question and answer period and a special message for our future. DVD, 1 hour, 49 minutes. Yours free when you become a Life Member.

Edgar Cayce Thoughts for the Day: 365 Inspiring Lessons
by Kieth VonderOhe
For decades, people have looked to Edgar Cayce’s readings for guidance and insight. The spiritual truths and encouraging words contained therein have enabled thousands of individuals to gain inspiration that has brought profound change into their lives. Be inspired as you see how other people have confronted the challenges of life. Gain new hope and insight as you see how they faced struggles, joys, disappointments, and moments of growth.

This book is designed to offer you the opportunity to explore spiritual concepts in practical yet uplifting moments that can bring light and grace into your daily life.

A.R.E. Members Enjoy
  • Complete access to all of Edgar Cayce's 14,000+ readings in a searchable online database.
  • Our quarterly Venture Inward magazine that explores issues of body, mind, and spirit (download a sample PDF).
  • Our Cayce Quarterly newsletter with interactive "Member Experiments" to try at home (download a sample PDF).
  • Exclusive bonus video materials posted regularly to the Member-only section, and access to previous video archives.
  • A 20% discount on A.R.E Press / 4th Dimension Press books, DVDs, CDs, and astrology charts at
  • Special discount pricing on A.R.E. programs and services like conferences, spa visits, camp, and tours.
  • Enlightenment Series: Monthly Practices for Your Soul with video and downloadable lesson plans in the Member-Only section plus complementary articles in each issue of our magazine.
  • Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of Life Membership dues in the United States based on your unique situation.
A.R.E. Life Members Enjoy 
Attendance for you and a spouse or guest at a specially selected A.R.E. Headquarters Conference each year. Life members may choose to attend one of the following upcoming conferences, fee-free:
  • June 16-21: 88th A.R.E. Members Congress—The Edgar Cayce Path to Spiritual Awakening
  • July 19-21: Keys to a Life of Spirit: A Contemporary Cayce Immersion Experience
  • Dec 29-31: Annual New Year’s Conference—Edgar Cayce’s Greatest Legacy for Enlightened Living: Experiments in A Search for God.

This is the only thing that gives me peace of mind soul and body, because of the A.R.E. Thanks and I'll always be a member! A life member very soon!

-T.C., via Facebook